Gain a competitive advantage and remain flexible and lean with DELMIA | Works Manufacturing ERP for the Metal & Stamping Manufacturing Industry.

DELMIA | Works offers powerful manufacturing ERP software tailored to meet the unique challenges of the stamping industry. Whether you are machining short run parts or stamping out 1000 parts per minute you need a system that keeps you lean and agile.

That’s why DELMIA | Works offers an incredibly powerful Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and manufacturing solution for businesses operating within the metal and stamping industry.

From punching and stamping to casting, brazing, shearing and spinning (including support for your die and tool maintenance), the DELMIA | Works ERP system and manufacturing software is specially designed with your production needs in mind to help you handle every step in the fabrication process.

DELMIA | Works Manufacturing ERP can help you manage:

  • Production schedules
  • Fabrication processes
  • Scrap and rejects
  • Machine maintenance
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Key Features:

Progressive ERP Software for the Metal and Stamping Industry

DELMIA | Works helps support metal & stamping manufacturers with keeping machines running smoothly, keeping production schedules accurate, and scrap and reject levels low.

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Benefits of DELMIA | Works Metal & Stamping Manufacturing ERP Solution

Flexible Units of Measure

When you are storing in pounds, producing in grams and purchasing in ounces, constantly changing units of measure can get complicated. DELMIA | Works offers flexible units of measure with automatic built-in conversions so your quantity is accurate every time.

Material Pricing & Consumption Features

Add and consume raw materials, waste and start up scrap for accurate inventory control. With mass price updates throughout the system and material price factoring, DELMIA | Works helps you offer the most competitive pricing while still maintaining healthy operating margins.

Multi-Level, Industry-Specific Bills of Material (BOM)

Unlimited, pre-defined BOMs meet the unique needs of your production and allow for progressive stamping dies, as well as multiple and substitute BOMs for the same part number.

Family Tool and Dies Functionality

Family tooling is easily supported and the system is designed to understand multiple part numbers within the same physical tool.

RealTime™ Production Monitoring System

Take shop floor control to a new level with real-time machine monitoring that automatically tracks production data (such as total parts created, rejects, production time, downtime and parts remaining) directly from your work centers and updates production schedules and inventory instantaneously.

Tool Maintenance

Easily track and schedule preventative maintenance on your tools and dies while DELMIA | Works’ unique scheduling module eliminates tooling conflicts and highlights out of service tools and dies for accurate work order or process scheduling.



Why choose DELMIA | Works?

Built by manufacturers, for manufacturers

This is not a system that has been built and then configured to work for the manufacturing industry. It’s been built from the ground up, by manufacturers, for manufacturers, so it understands the entire manufacturing process and what information you’ll require at every stage. 

All your processes and data held in a single platform

From Bills of Materials (BOMs), raw material requirements and purchasing, right through to sales and finance. All your data is held in a single system, making everything and everyone accountable at every stage of your business processes. 


Live dashboards with real-time analytics information

Having all your processes and data held in a single system gives you the ability to set up live dashboards, showing you information in real-time. Dashboards make it incredibly easy to digest large quantities of data, quickly. Whether you need to know information about a job from three weeks ago, last year, or even one that’s happening right now, the data is available right at your fingertips. 

Objective data to inform your business decisions

DELMIAWORKS gives you the ability to drill down into your manufacturing processes, giving you visibility of any stages which may be more or less profitable than others. This gives you a wealth of data making it very easy when it comes to making informed decisions for your business.


Why choose Proximity?

Manufacturing Specialists Implementing Manufacturing ERP Software

When you choose Proximity to implement DELMIA | Works for your business, you’re not only getting a team of experts in configuring ERP systems for the manufacturing industry. You’re getting a team of manufacturing specialists who know the ins and outs of manufacturing processes and workflows, who understand the niches in which DELMIA | Works works best and who have a wealth of experience in implementing ERP systems for many different manufacturing businesses. 

Over 570 years’ collective experience

We know it’s a bit cliche as every business loves to boast the years of experience that their team has, but when the numbers are this great it would be silly not to. Our consultants have a collective experience of 575 years across manufacturing and ERP software solutions.

This gives us a wealth of knowledge across a range of industries and how to best implement and support manufacturing processes using software and ERP systems.

Key features of DELMIA | Works for the metal and stamping manufacturing industry:

  • Job & Process Costing
  • Capacity Planning
  • Inventory Control
  • Production Control
  • Estimating & Quoting
  • Quality Management
  • Shipping & Distribution
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Real-time Production Monitoring
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Planning & Scheduling
  • Automated Workflows

Gain your advantage with DELMIA | Works

Metal & stamping manufacturers are turning to DELMIA | Works to keep machines running smoothly, production schedules accurate, and scrap & reject levels to a minimum.

If you want to start looking towards DELMIA | Works to support your metal & stamping manufacturing operations, then get in touch with our team so we can understand your unique requirements and discuss how we can help you start gaining a competitive advantage.

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