23rd May 2024

Remain Software’s TD/OMS v16.0 Milestone 3 Release

Remain Software continued their quarterly software release program through their TD/OMS v16.0 Milestone 3 release with new enhancements and improvements in four key areas.

In security, Remain have improved the authorisation mechanism and added better encryption technology too thereby protecting sensitive data and maintaining the integrity of the development lifecycle. For automation, you can expect enhanced workflow that speeds up development cycles and reduces ‘pilot error’ by automating repetitive tasks, ensuring more consistent outcomes while improving development efficiencies.

Integrations have improved too with better tool and process connectivity with external systems and improved Web/VSCode integration for improved development experience and smoother interaction.

Finally, you’ll also be excited to learn that Remain have enhanced their Open AI Generation. In this release, they’re focusing on improving the generation of APIs. This includes more accurate and efficient creation of API definitions, better handling of complex API structures, and increased compatibility with various API standards.

This release is a testament to their continued commitment to the IBM i community and builds upon the many advances released in the previous version.

The update is available for you to download NOW!

Posted by Joe on 23rd May 2024.