5th July 2024

IBM i Update – A Year in Review

Welcome to the IBM i Update… A Year (and a bit) in Review!

Over the last 12 months or so, I’ve published an (almost) monthly ‘IBM i Update’, in which I give my views on the news from within the IBM i community.

I cover IBM i events, provide interviews with leading IBM i luminaries plus summaries on new technologies, articles on coding and more…


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Here are all the current episodes for you to enjoy:

June 2024

I tell you about your last chance to be part of the ALL400s community IBM i survey, a report from COMMON Milan and we discover the wonders of AI with Charlie Guarino and friends.

IBM i Update: June 2024


May 2024

I share the announcement of a native IBM i coding assistant by Steve Will, a preview of COMMON Europe with COMMON Vice Chairman, Torbjörn Appehl plus… a dalliance with AS/400 by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

IBM i Update: May 2024


March/April 2024

This month, I’m at the i-UG event in London and investigate modern development languages with IBM i Champion, Andy Youens. We take a walk with Spot the robot dog and learn why keeping everything on i makes sense for your data.

IBM i Update: March/April 2024


February 2024

I review the Fortra 2024 IBM i Marketplace Survey and (in under six minutes) compare the results to the previous year.

IBM i Update: February 2024


January 2024

I discuss articles focusing on the top priorities for IBM i shops in for the coming year, plus some predictions from industry leaders too including Ash Giddings, Donnie Maccol, Steve Will and Brian May [not that one].

IBM i Update: January 2024


December 2023

This month I discuss the announcement of Alison Butterill’s retirement. I have an article on the ageing ‘COBOL cowboys’ and how to support their legacy of code. And finally, as it’s Christmas, I give festive wishes too (plus a glimpse of the Proximity Christmas doo!]

IBM i Update: December 2023


November 2023

And I’m at the i-UG conference in Wolverhapton. Here, I look at the highlights from the event including their education initiative and the keynote speech on AI for business.

IBM i Update: November 2023


October 2023

This month, I explore ‘culture before code’, The opening of the IBM i Marketplace Survey, Announcements of IBM i 7.5 TR3 & 7.4 TR9 and discuss the rise of the subscription model and if it’s right for your IBM i shop.

IBM i Update: October 2023


June 2023

This month, as a change of pace, I provide a review and ‘quick’ insight into what it’s like to attend both the i-UG Power event in the UK plus COMMON Europe, this year hosted in Prague… oh, and there’s also the small matter of a 35th birthday too.

IBM i Update: June 2023


May 2023

This month, I discuss the latest technology refresh, performance gains in Power 10, some (more) facts on modernisation and IBM replacing roles with robots!

IBM i Update: May 2023


April 2023

This month, I review the most popular Generative AI program, chatGPT and discussed what it can do, its coding capabilities, how we can harness this and how it can change what we do.

IBM i Update: April 2023


March 2023

This month was all about the value derived from IBM i and its superior cost of ownership – to the extent that it could possibly be CHEAPER to purchase a new Power 10 than renewing support on your incumbent machine (if you’re on a Power 8 or lower)

IBM i Update: March 2023


February 2023

I review and summarise the highlight from this years Fortra IBM i Market Place survey, and it’s once again all about security and modernisation…

IBM i Update: February 2023

And that’s a wrap… for now.

I look forward to providing you with more updates but in the meantime, please do let me know what you think – I write this for you after all!

All the best,

Posted by Rob on 5th July 2024.