6th July 2023

Create a paperless shop floor and meet the strictest industry requirements

Create a paperless shop floor with DELMIAWorks

It might not be the most glamorous feature within a manufacturing ERP system, but comprehensive (and robust) document management and control systems can lay the foundations for manufacturing success and growth, saving time, effort and headaches along the way.

In our experience working with many process manufacturers just like you, one of the biggest time wasters – and generator of frustration – is the daily hunt for documentation throughout the business.

Think about the amount of time that people in your business take walking around just looking for an original CAD drawing, or an invoice.

There is that huge bank of filing cabinets up in the top office of drawings (and whatever else) and somebody goes off for a drawing and they’re there for 20 minutes looking for the right revision, or the correct quality documentation for a given product and so on and so forth. 

Join Proximity for their next ‘Lunch & Learn’ demonstration to learn how DELMIAWorks can help you create a paperless shop floor AND meet the strictest industry requirements.

>>Register for the session on Friday 14th July 2023 at 12:30pm here<<

During the 30-minute demonstration, you can expect:

  • An overview of DELMIAWorks’ document control in less than 30 minutes
  • Learn how document control can deliver a paperless shop floor
  • Find out how document management helps you achieve even the strictest industry standards
  • How DELMIAWorks enables users to manage workflows & external documents
  • How you can link documents to customers, vendors, BOMs, inventory and so much more  
  • Ask any questions to better understand how DELMIAWorks’ document control features can support your business.

Delivering a central document repository for quality management

An automated, secure document control and management system is essential for manufacturers pursuing quality standards. 

Quality management systems increase the depth of support they provide for electronic storage, version control, and retrieval of quality documents.

DELMIAWorks provides a  secure, centralised repository so you can control manufacturing and quality documents, as well as their respective revision history.

“Our ISO 13485 auditor, as well as all of our customers, were really impressed with DELMIAWORKS’ capabilities when they came down and audited us. They all include praise for DELMIAWORKS in their audit reports.”

Different security levels can be applied against all of the repositories, enabling you to assign access rights to applicable people and you can also ensure that any document must be checked in and checked out to gain access.

Any document stored within DELMIAWorks can be linked to any other area of the ERP software. If you have a Bill of Manufacture / Materials (BOM), for example, or the drawing for a part, a purchase order or invoice it can be associated, which means that when someone wants to locate the right information, it is there at their fingertips.

You’ll never have to look for a document because it’s always in the right place.

DELMIAWorks demo series

This is the third lunch and learn demonstration session hosted by Proximity. Previous sessions covered what makes Bill of Materials (BOMs) in DELMIAWorks so unique for plastics manufacturers and how scheduling & production planning help you meet customer demands on time, every time. 

Join Tom Grigg, Solutions Architect from Proximity, on Friday 14th July 2023 if:

  • You are wanting to create a completely paperless shop floor environment
  • You are struggling to meet strict industry requirements that require robust and thorough document control.

If you’d like to ask more questions about document management in DELMIAWorks and how it can meet specific industry standards, you can schedule a more in-depth discussion with a member of the Proximity team, who will happily show you more functionality and its application in different manufacturing processes.


DELMIAWorks is an end-to-end manufacturing ERP System developed with a “shop floor first” focus to help plastics manufacturers increase efficiency and visibility of performance on the plant floor. 

Proximity is an accredited DELMIAWorks partner for implementation and support.

Posted by Joe on 6th July 2023.