Document, Manage, Enhance and Evolve Your IBM i Applications with Confidence using X-Analysis


Managing, modernising and developing critical business information on the IBM i enterprise is a major challenge for organisations in 2022.

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Understand what the pressing concerns are for the IBM i, find out how X-Analysis can provide insight & understanding into your IBM i applications, automate the documentation and mitigate risk to your IBM i.



Check out the viewAndy Nicholson from Proximity on our upcoming webinar where he’ll showcase X-Analysis, a comprehensive suite of IBM i analysis, testing and productivity tools that enable you to maintain, develop & enhance millions of lines of RPG, COBOL & CA 2E (Synon) code.

Andy is joined in the video by Stephen Flaherty from Fresche, who provides a live demonstration to showcase the key technical features of X-Analysis and how they help organisations to mitigate risk.



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