No-Risk Application Modernisation: 11 Reasons to Choose StayLinked SmartTE terminal emulation

There is no doubt that developing and implementing an easy-to-use, graphical data collection application which is supported on modern, touch screen devices delivers significant productivity improvements. There are, however, some inherent risks associated when migrating away from your existing fast and reliable IBM i (AS400 / iSeries / System to some) ‘green screen’ terminal emulation applications.

This guide from StayLinked, shows you how 11 reasons SmartTE can provide the ‘best of both worlds’ with risk-free application modernisation: speed, reliability and security of StayLinked TE coupled with increases in productivity thanks to an intuitive, modern user experience.

  1. Graphical user experience
  2. Future proofing your terminal emulation applications
  3. Modernisation without the need for code changes to your IBM i applications
  4. No programming knowledge required
  5. No need to deploy changes to your mobile devices
  6. Eliminate dropped sessions
  7. Security features which protects your data integrity
  8. High performance terminal emulation speeds
  9. Supports multiple multiple device manufacturers – and operating systems
  10. Server-based design
  11. Fully transferable, concurrent connection licensing.

Find out more about why you should choose StayLinked SmartTE terminal emulation for risk-free migration to Android devices by completing the form below.


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