For SMB (Small to Medium-sized Business) development teams – and even independent teams or departments within enterprise organisations – SCM (Software Change Management) tools can seem out of budget and out of reach.

With inevitable regulatory and technological change across all aspects of business though, smaller teams and organisations may face many of the same challenges as their established counterparts – and in some instances, more. Teams are having to constantly cope with software modifications and/or development, to keep up in an ever-changing landscape.

Why might software change be necessary?

Small development teams are typically required to accommodating these changes when:

  • The business introduces new products, services and processes which require applications to be modified
  • Technological advances are made, which require code and configuration changes, in order to take advantage of them
  • Regulations are introduced by government or industry bodies, which require modifications to software in order to maintain compliance

Tools designed specifically for those SMB teams can deliver significant ROI.

Managing software change

Whether they’re maintaining custom-developed software or upgrading a third-party application, IT eams have to determine what new code has to be written or what existing code has to be changed. Because application modules tend to be interrelated and dependant on a variety of components, teams must also get a clear understanding of the relationship between changed code and any other components.

By using an SCM tool, development teams are able to make the entire application lifecycle more efficient and more accurate. SCM tools let you automate the application asset discovery and documentation process.

What should all small development teams know about software change management?

Download this whitepaper from our partners Remain Software to find out how you can justify software change management solutions (SCM) for small-to-medium-sized teams.


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