Did you know that companies which have digital mastery are up to 26% more profitable?

For many businesses though, achieving digital transformation is easier said than done. Large traditional enterprise organisations are, on average, doubling cost and deadline projections for digital transformation initiatives, with a massive 70%  of investment spend going to waste.

Today more than ever before, business and IT leaders have to be able to adapt fast.

Disruptive business and economic models, and fierce competition from emerging players in the global economy make innovation essential. In fact, the companies that leverage emerging technologies and platforms have been proven to be more profitable, be more productive and to offer a better experience to their customers.

How can you make your IBM i digital transformation project successful?

The ability to adapt quickly and cost-effectively to changing business landscapes is the key to success. IBM i systems have consistently proven to be highly reliable while maintaining a very low cost of ownership.

But now, organisations need to modernise their systems if they want to compete. Using Fresche’s IBM i tools can help businesses get on the path to a successful modernisation and digital transformation project quickly and easily.

Fresche Solutions takes an effective, systematic approach to transformation – an approach that has been proven with enterprises the world over.

Smart IBM i modernisation tools

Download the whitepaper from our partners Fresche Solutions to learn more about smart modernisation and successful digital transformation.

The whitepaper answers some of the key questions around the barriers to digital transformation:

  1. What factors are driving digital transformation?
  2. How and where are organisations going wrong with their modernisation projects?
  3. What is the best, most efficient and smartest way for organisations to proceed with modernisation and digital transformation projects?



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