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Fresche solutions have launched a powerful training series to help IBM i developers get to grips with Watson AI. As a Fresche Power Partner, we’re delighted to share the launch of Fresche’s latest training series.

Today, data and knowledge should be at the core of business-critical applications. Through the use of data analytics, automation, cloud computing and machine learning, organisations are able to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to inform decision-making. AI can be used strategically as part of business growth, operational improvement and, essentially, improving services for clients and end-users.

Watson is IBM’s suite of AI services, applications and tools. It has been at the forefront of discussions around AI and Big Data for some time. Now though, Fresche reports that

“this year, the interest in AI, machine learning and predictive analytics was off the charts. People are incredibly excited about the potential use of Watson.”

Discussions about Watson, its use as part of IBM i application development, were a hot topic at COMMON 2018 events.

Fresche & IBM delivered ‘Watson Driveway’ education sessions, which proved so popular with attendees that they have now been made into virtual learning sessions. The online training series makes information about Watson more accessible to IBM i clients worldwide.

Split into two series, each series contains 3 online courses. These courses can be accessed at any time, from anywhere, so Power users can learn at their own pace and convenience. The series can be purchased individually or as a bundle, so you only pay for the lessons you need.

Online Training: Using Watson AI with IBM i

Connecting Your IBM i Applications to Watson

  • Course 1: Introduction to Watson and IBM Cloud (Bluemix)
  • Course 2: Integrating RPG with Watson and Creating REST APIs with Ease
  • Course 3: Connecting to IBM i and Watson from Open Source

Connecting Your IBM i Data to Watson

  • Course 1: Db2 for i and Watson Analytics
  • Course 2: Db2 for i and the Art of the Possible with Watson Services in IBM Cloud (Bluemix)
  • Course 3: Prepping and Untangling Data for Watson

You can sign up for the training through Fresche’s eLearning platform here.

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