13th September 2019

Think Summit London 2019

Infor Sales & Operational Planning. Infor S&OP

Think Summit London takes place at Olympia London on the 16th October 2019, the event will be packed full of informative, inventive and entertaining sessions.

The Summit will bring you up to date on the latest (and future) insights in IBM i, with tech talks, immersive experiences, topical debates and thought-provoking guest speakers. Topics include AI, blockchain and quantum computing.

Sustainability and technology

The IBM i is at the forefront of research and technology. Today’s technological landscape is changing rapidly and IBM i business strategies are evolving to keep pace. Staying connected to technology trends has never been more important. Think Summit 2019 promises to help you do just that.

The cutting edge of technology isn’t just essential to business and economic growth, but to protecting and sustaining the future for people and environments around the world. The event itself will be more sustainable than ever, with a focus on ethical food sourcing and the reduction of waste through the supply chain.

Emerging technologies

AI, blockchain and quantum computing are emerging at the forefront of the tech future. Find out how these technologies could support your business

  • Quantum Computing – The world’s most advanced quantum computing, IBM Q could trigger breakthroughs in science and medications. With IBM Q, doctors are able to diagnose illnesses sooner and algorithms can quickly direct ambulances wherever they’re needed.
  • Advanced AI with Project Debater – Project Debater supports better decision-making by pushing the frontiers of AI. Learn about the first AI system that can debate with humans on complex topics.
  • Blockchain for business transparency – Discover how the IBM Food Trust uses Blockchain to make the world’s food supply chain safer, more efficient and more sustainable. With a permissioned, permanent and shared record of food system data, it’s the only network of its kind to connect growers, processors, distributors, and retailers to make the supply chain fully transparent and accountable.

Think Summit London Campus

The Think Summit London Campus splits the event down into four key Streams – so you can focus on the topics you care most about. Presentations, networking events, expert talks, demonstrations, immersive experiences, education, entertainment, and refreshments are grouped into the Think Summit London campus spaces. Each campus explores specific topics, so you can use the space to connect with peers, business leaders, and technologists who understand your unique enterprise goals and challenges.

Cloud and Infrastructure

Cloud technology lets you build once and deploy anywhere. No matter where it lives, you decide where and how to put your data to work. An agile, scalable and secure technology environment, IBM’s the next generation hybrid multi-cloud platform scales with the potential of your business, brings agility, scalability and security.

Security and Resiliency

IBM is the largest cybersecurity and resiliency vendor. Learn from them how you can protect your business, respond to threats and recover quickly in the event of a disruption. threat prevention must be combined with a rehearsed incident response and recovery plan – it’s no longer sufficient to mitigate the risk and business impact of cyber disruption.

Data and AI

Start your journey to AI with an assessment of the steps needed to introduce and infuse AI across your organisation. Experience AI in practice and discover how applying AI services and AI-enabled business analytics tools can help you to deliver better services, analyse images and gain insights from your data.

Shaping the Future

Step into some of the most advanced, promising and disruptive technologies available today. At Think Summit London, you can take a journey through one of the world’s most influential corporate research labs, meet with scientists and researchers and Learn how IBM is pioneering the future of problem-solving and analysis

Discover the technological advancements that will bring new solutions to transform industries and society. Explore the future of Cloud, AI, Blockchain, computing, encryption technology and much more.

Our partners Fresche Solutions are one of the sponsors of the event. Learn more and register here.

Posted by Zoe on 13th September 2019.