3rd November 2021

Latest milestone delivers new features to TD/OMS


Remain Software maintained their reputation as one of the most active IBM i vendors with the delivery of the latest milestone release of their change management product, TD/OMS.


What improvements will version 14 of TD/OMS bring?

Remain has always been committed to providing quarterly product milestones. Each release delivers improved value in your change management investment.  

This quarter is no different with some excellent new features to add to version 14.  

“First, we have the possibility to export spooled files to PDF – a greatly requested feature, within the GUI you can now save your selected spool file with a simple mouse click” explained Andy Nicholson, General Sales Manager at Proximity. 

“Next, we have transfer progress which was previously hidden. Version 14 now provides a visual representation of progress” said Nicholson.

Another requested enhancement was in comments.  

When longer texts are pasted as a comment they are no longer wrapped to 70 positions but retain the original formatting as much as possible. 

Comments can be applied to: Request, Task, Solution and Object.

To aid productivity, version 14 includes the ability to ‘multi select’ actions while clear fallback has been enhanced and support for Rapidfire upgraded to version 5.0.20.


Why do IBM i shops need change management?

“Good control of software releases helps eliminate unnecessary costs, manages strategy and improves efficiencies” explained Andy.

“Perhaps more importantly, it manages risk. Managing change is about managing risk and any modern IBM i enterprise that is developing and supporting its own applications should have procedures and processes in place for software change and rollout.” 

“The best software updates are the ones that seem seamless. However, to achieve this, there will be careful planning and management behind the scenes. To support these activities, modern IBM i shops use TD/OMS to control application delivery. If you find an error in code, simply roll back the change. From individual application updates to automated workflow deployment over multiple partitions/servers, TD/OMS is scalable to requirements with full audit and regulatory compliance.” 

Also included in the milestone release were updates to Gravity, Remain’s multi-platform project and workflow management product and Remain API Studio, which helps IBM i based businesses to develop and manage API connections with existing software.

Taking Remain API Studio in focus, version 3.0.1 enables users to validate, amongst others:

  • Schemas
  • Object information
  • Paths and operations
  • Global and operation responses and requests.

There are plenty more updates and enhancements too and these can be found on the Remain Software website within the news section.

Posted by Paul on 3rd November 2021.