Workforce mobility solutions for logistics, healthcare, warehouse, retail & field service

Zebra’s ruggedised handheld devices, printers, computers and tablets are perfectly suited to all kinds of workforce’s from shop floor retail staff to healthcare professionals and delivery drivers to machine operatives.

All Zebra handheld computers have been tested against drops, tumbles, cold, heat, spillages, rain and more, to make sure you can always rely on the technology you need to run your business.

Providing your workforce with the right devices leads to an increase in productivity levels: staff have access to the information, applications and people they need, at the touch of a button.

With Android operating systems available on most devices, users have access to all the functionality of a regular smartphone, and the addition of Zebra’s Mobility Extension (Mx), provides a layer of features on top of standard Android, with elements like enterprise-class security, data capture, manageability, and robust wireless connections.

Centralised device management means that you can remotely update, stage, monitor and troubleshoot both Zebra and non-Zebra devices, and their peripherals, from a single location.

You are also able to completely control which features and software applications your users can access. This means that you can limit internet access, prevent external memory card use and disable social media or personal email applications.

Zebra offer expert support services, whether you’re migrating from existing devices or planning to deploy handheld devices for the first time. OneCare, their post-deployment and support program is best-in-class for supporting you and your workforce to get the best from your ruggedised devices, throughout their life cycle.

Replace legacy Windows CE devices and migrate to Zebra & Android

With mainstream and extended support for Windows Embedded CE ending in the next few years, have you got a plan in place to migrate OS?

There is no better time to develop your migration strategies for rugged handheld devices running legacy OS, with all Zebra devices operating on modern Android operating systems with powerful enterprise-level workforce mobility features and functionality across multiple industry sectors.

Terminal Emulation tools in-built

Looking for terminal emulation tools for your legacy, IBM i applications? A number of Zebra rugged devices ship with Ivanti Velocity already installed so that you can be up and running with Android in minutes.

Need a more robust connection and a product designed for the real-world inconsistencies of both WiFi and Cellular wireless networks? Then Terminal Emulation and SmartTE from StayLinked deliver terminal emulation sessions that will never be lost.

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