Take the smart approach to modernising your IBM i applications with Newlook Developer

To automatically modernise 5250 green screens to modern UI’s for desktop, web and mobile, you need a powerful tool, like Newlook Developer. With Newlook Developer, you are able to extend the functionality of your IBM i applications, with the support of a rich set of GUI controls, direct database access, and web services, so that you can provide quick, secure and modernised access however and whenever you need it.

Newlook Developer was built for productivity and architecture for better maintainability.

Newlook was built with developers in mind, with key features and functionality that makes maintaining, enhancing and evolving your IBM i applications simpler, and improves processes. This allows you to easily extend and provide fast and secure access to business applications.

A key feature of Newlook Developer is Insights: a way for developers to record and import user behaviour, and immediately create a visual representation. Insights enables you to show the screens that are accessed most often, view user workflows and processes, and see most-used fields and navigation trends.

This data can be visualised by developers in a number of ways: coloured heat-maps, opacity heat-maps, or colour-coding. These graphics can be split down further, byt time spent or by visit, as well as being configurable by key information, or all available data. With this feature, developers can see where to focus modernisation and development efforts.

Key features of Newlook Developer include:

  • Easily extend beyond your flat, green screen capabilities, with Newlook Developer’s unique, rules-based engine which transforms 5250 screens, dynamically
  • Its easy for non-UI experts to develop intuitive, functional screens as Newlook Developer’s transformations are based on UI industry standards
  • Newlook Developer offers advanced support to browser and mobile delivery, using CSS3 and HTML5
  • Seamlessly integrate IBM i applications with other applications or technologies. This could include web, desktop and mobile, as well as other platforms, like Windows, Unix and Mainframe
  • The built-in transaction recorder helps you to improve application workflow and processes. With it, you can pick up transactions or keystrokes any time, during the process, and use them to create reusable web services
  • Developers have a single, integrated environment to develop and test from, with integrated error handling and debugging.

Ease of Use

With a dynamic recognition engine, which automatically reflects changes to the underlying code, Newlook only needs to interpret your application once, so you can freely extend and edit code, with no need to maintain the GUI.

Ease of Integration 

One-click integration with devices means that you can share data and functionality between IBM i and native applications quickly and easily, using Newlook Developer.

Ease of Access

Along with web, desktop and optimised mobile device interfaces out of the box, Newlook Developer’s drag-and-drop designer means that you can easily make enhancements. You can very quickly create intuitive web applications, with the look, feel and functionality of native applications.

Fast Web Services

Simplify the process of packaging application functionality as callable web services with Newlook Developer’s point-and-click functionality.

Enterprise Integrations

Without requiring access to source code, you’re able to integrate multiple applications into a single, unified, smart interface using Newlook Developer. In a single interface, delivered to desktop, web or mobile devices, you are able to integrate functionality from RPG, COBOL, CA 2E, 3rd party ERP Software or desktop applications.

What Newlook Developer can help you to achieve:

Modernise outdated green screens

Newlook developer’s unique rule-based engine allows you to dynamically, and easily, transform your outdated 5250 green screens into applications that are optimised for mobile and for the web.

Integrate with other applications

Using Newlook Developer also gives you the opportunity to seamlessly integrate IBM I applications with other technologies and applications – from web, desktop & mobile to windows, unix & mainframe.

Update enterprise applications

Use Newlook Developer alongside Newlook Server to quickly and easily modernise your IBM i and 5250 green screens to mobile- and web-based applications, with specific functions for enterprise use.

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