Delivering speed & accuracy for  mobile workers: raising the productivity bar with Ivanti Velocity terminal emulation

Ivanti’s Velocity terminal emulation tool (powered by Wavelink, who have been helping to improve supply chain efficiency for over 30 years) enables you to transfer your existing IBM i-based green screen applications to Android. And, at the same time add touch-enabled features and functionality that users have come to expect.

Implementing Ivanti Velocity as part of your IBM i modernisation and / or Windows CE migration strategy, helps you to protect and maximise your existing investment in your host, IBM i system as there is no need to modify or migrate those business-critical applications. Ivanti Velocity can interface with your warehouse management system (WMS) and other supply chain management applications: just like Ivanti Terminal Emulation has always done.

Ivanti Velocity takes the text-based information from your IBM i application and converts it into the type of intuitive mobile experience your users have come to expect. This familiar user interface and experience means new users can be trained quicker, while operatives can navigate screens more quickly and enter data more rapidly. Third-party information can also be incorporated, such as images into picking lists so that warehouse operatives can visually match parts to items listed on an order.

To solve one of the eternal issues associated with terminal emulation in areas of poor network coverage, Ivanti’s Session Persistence Server protects against weak connections and session state as and when a device reboots or needs a battery swap.

Optimise workflows and improve productivity

  • Ivanti Velocity enables you to improve the performance of your warehouse and retail operation by:
  • Optimising task workflows
  • Automate redundant tasks
  • Customise keyboards so that users are only presented with the keys required to perform a given task
  • Powerful scanning features further reduce keyed data entry
  • Text-to-speech and speech-to-text for the ultimate in hands free productivity
  • Stage implementation so that users can get used to their devices before progressing to touch and speech features.

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Ivanti RM2 rapid migration and rapid modernisation tool

Warehousing and retail companies can rapidly migrate to Android within minutes using Ivanti’s latest terminal emulation tool, RM2 and Velocity through a number of Zebra Technologies’ market-leading ruggedised mobile devices:

  • MC3300
  • MC9200
  • TC8000
  • VC80x series devices.

Ivanti Velocity and RM2 delivers a reliable framework for migrating from Windows CE to Android devices, while at the same time, speeding up application modernisation within the warehouse and supply chain. RM2 also includes rapid modernisation capabilities for customers to move from green screens to touch-enabled Android interfaces. RM2 walks users through simple web forms to choose from the most popular warehouse management and enterprise systems formatting them into a familiar Android touch-enabled user interface.

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