25th January 2022

WebSmart-er: Are you ready for WebSmart 13.2?

Are you ready for WebSmart 13.2?

Are you ready for WebSmart 13.2?

The latest update to WebSmart is now available for download.

WebSmart is Fresche Solutions’ template-based rapid development tool for creating RPG, PHP and Node.js desktop and mobile web applications on the IBM i (AS400, iSeries, System i).

So what does WebSmart 13.2 have in store?

You can look forward to a number of impressive improvements in this latest version of WebSmart, including:

Smart HTTP request function

WebSmart now includes a new ILE Snippet, which has been added to make an HTTP request using SQL.

This improved functionality supports GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE requests. It also facilitates data consumption from web services and REST APIs.

Other key new features of WebSmart 13.2

  • The installer now provides an option to install IFS files to an IASP
  • WebSmart IDE now supports a secure FTP (sFTP) connection
  • New email functions allow you to set the IP, domain, and port when sending an email over TLS, including setemailusetls, setemaildomain, and setemailsmtpport
  • WebSmart ILE can now read parameters passed via the DELETE, PUT, and PATCH HTTP request methods using getparm()
  • The version of jQuery used by WebSmart has been updated to v.2.2.4. This change does not affect existing programs.
  • The IBM i installer now has a link to a Knowledge Base article to assist with FTP errors during the install or upgrade
  • The New Features Splash Screen now includes a link to a complete list of release notes
  • The IDE now checks the license key to determine which templates to display

The minimum OS requirement for installing WebSmart 13.2 is Windows 8 and IBM i OS 7.1

Ready to learn more about how WebSmart 13.2can help you to leverage your investment in your IBM i by easily integrating existing RPG code?

Contact us, or schedule a demo with our IBM i solutions expert Andy Nicholson here.

Posted by Zoe on 25th January 2022.