Released to coincide with the IBM i  PowerUp18 Conference and Expo, in San Antonio, Shield Advanced Solutions Ltd, has launched a new version of their premium IBM i High Availability product, HA4i.

HA4i Multi-Node allows multiple copies of the data and objects to be kept in sync in a one to many or many to one situation. Due to the methodology and broader complexity used, this Multi-Node solution is an independent product attracting its own pricing, and not an upgrade for Shield’s existing HA4i product.

The new version can be used in a number of different scenarios, including providing a high availability instance for fast switching plus a disaster recovery instance for infrastructure failure protection can be implemented. The ability to replicate at the environment (application level) allows both systems to participate in a production environment providing a better utilisation of your IBM i resources.

Additional benefits with the latest levels of HA4i Multi-Node include new sensing technology that provides a continuous monitor for problems which require attention, any issues are fixed where appropriate and notifications sent by the built-in email capabilities.

Improved audit capabilities provide a cleaner and simpler way to continuously audit the replication processes with fewer commands.

Better packaging and code updates have provided significant performance improvements plus reduced the overall foot print for the product install.

Key features of HA4i Multi-Node:

  • Many to one, or one to many
  • Easy to install and manage
  • Uses Remote Journal technology
  • Fully automated replication processes
  • Complete auditing functionality
  • Fully automated role-swap

Shield Director, Chris Hird commented:

“HA4i Multi-Node will allow content to be sent not only to the High Availability Node but also to a Disaster Recovery Node so if the production system failed you have the ability to recovery whatever the disaster.” He adds, “The new set-up now provides a one way only replication configuration added to integrate with JT4i job data transportation’.

To celebrate the launch of HA4i Multi-Node, Shield is offering to replace your current High Availability solution for free*.

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About Shield Advanced Solutions

Shield has been providing High Availability solutions for the IBM i and its predecessors (AS400, iSeries, i5 and System i) for more than 20 years. Shield is renowned for their top-quality service support, and less complex enterprise-level solutions at SMB prices. Licensing is IBM tier-based.

Proximity is an accredited Shield partner.

* Terms and conditions apply. Offer ends 31 December 2018

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