5th November 2020

Remain Software release latest versions of TD/OMS, Gravity & API Studio

TD/OMS IBM i Change Management latest release

Netherlands-based Remain Software has released the latest versions of their flagship IBM i change management, workflow and REST API editing/management solutions: TD/OMS, Gravity and API Studio.

Remain’s latest release provides improved speed, stability, efficiency and productivity through development, testing, integration, project management and delivery cycles.

All three applications have been designed and developed in-house by Remain and are engineered for IBM i and multi-platform environments.

Commenting on the release, Wim Jongman, CTO and co-managing partner said:

“The consistency and reliability in our scheduling represents our entire development team’s customer-service mindset, as well as their expertise in anticipating industry trajectories and needs and then planning, engineering and delivering solutions accordingly in a timely and predictable manner.”


Incorporates an array of productivity boosting improvements designed to further streamline and enhance customers’ software application change and lifecycle management for IBM i. They include the ability to add transfer paths to the definition view, Git view improvements, enhanced search word filters in Object Maintenance, and the ability to export XRef results, as well as many improvements to the Green Screen.

Add transfer paths to the definition view: Transfer paths have been added to the definition view.  Now you can see which transfer paths an application is using and which sub-environments are using that transfer path.

TD/OMS IBM i Change Management transfer path


Git view improvements: TD/OMS Git view has been redesigned. All the update related buttons have been moved to the toolbar with the addition of being able to rebase and pull on a specific branch directly from the dropdown menu. Also, an “Update Master and Branch” action has been added to update both the master and the current branch in one click.

TD/OMS IBM i Change Management GIT View

Search Word Filter in Object Maintenance: the filter view prompt can be used for quick filtering of the list. This field works in combination with the filter you can specify with F17-subset. You may enter values, or partial values, of the following fields:

  • Object Name
  • Library
  • Directory
  • Type
  • Attribute
  • Application
  • Task
  • Description
  • Source Location
  • Version
  • Creator
  • IFS Object Name.

Export Xref Results: it is now possible to export the results of an Xref query to CSV.

TD/OMS IBM i Change Management XRef

For details about these and other included enhancements, please visit the release landing page at https://remainsoftware.com/news/its-here-tdoms-v13-milestone-1

Gravity V6

Features enhancement to increase intuitiveness, user-friendliness and cross-team collaboration, furthering the advantages of this robust project workflow management application.

These enhancements include email sign in, export filter views to Excel, ability to sort filter view by columns, grouping by item field, and the ability to export Xref results. For more information on the full content of the release, please visit the Gravity V6 release page at https://remainsoftware.com/news/its-here-gravity-v6-milestone-1

Remain API studio V2.0.1

From design to code-generation to testing, your vision and objectives will be backed by this rich visual editor.

New enhancements in Remain API Studio provide users with a more functional, intuitive framework to increase productivity and efficiency when designing and managing OAS-spec-compliant REST APIs.

New features include ​full-fledged testing capabilities, a fully functional mock-server, schema XML representation, global tags, inline schema attributes, parameter style and explode fields, attributes view revamp, response headers, and a schema discriminator.

Please visit https://remainsoftware.com/news/remain-api-studio-just-got-even-better-v201 for more information.


Posted by Paul on 5th November 2020.