1st December 2020

Lunch and Learn: Turn 2020 into an opportunity to innovate and grow your business

Lunch and Learn: Turn 2020 into an opportunity to innovate and grow your business

Discover how you can strategically innovate and grow your business with Fresche Solutions.

Our partners Fresche Solutions have joined forces with IBM on a ‘lunch and learn’ webinar series for ISVs operating on the iBM i.

While IBM’s Power Systems IBM i is proven and stable, any ISV (independent software vendor) offering applications developed on the platform can face challenges.

  • Where do you find RPG, Cobol or CA/2E Synon resources?
  • What is the best way to modernise applications?
  • How should you roll out new versions to clients?

The pandemic has disrupted many global market conditions, driving the need for real-time access to applications, intuitive user experience (UX) and integrated systems.

ISVs have the ability to turn this into an opportunity – to keep up with their industry’s changing needs, expand into new markets and grow their revenue.


Lunch and Learn: Strategic ways to innovate and grow your business

That’s why Fresche Solutions and IBM are running a series of three 20-minute webinar sessions. Register and join us n the sessions next week, to learn how you can leverage your IBM i applications to bridge the skills gap, protect and grow your installed base, and give yourself a competitive advantage through innovation.

Session 1: How to upgrade clients who have customised their code

Join Simon Porstendorfer (IBM) and Pascal Polverini (Fresche Solutions) on Monday 7th December at 11:30 am GMT (12:30 pm CET).

Increase maintenance revenue – and cut the costs associated with supporting outdated versions – by making sure your clients are always up-to-date with your applications. Keep clients’ systems current and moving forward by making it easy for them to adopt the latest application version. This session will show you how to use application insights and automated testing validation to achieve just that. Learn how to:

  • Automatically analyse and identify the differences between your core applications and your client’s customised versions
  • Visualise the impact when modifying and enhancing your applications
  • Upgrade with confidence by automatically testing your applications from end-to-end.

Session 2: Speed up new developer onboarding and deliver new features faster

Join Simon Porstendorfer (IBM) and Stephen Flaherty (Fresche Solutions) on Tuesday 8th December at 11:30 am GMT (12:30 pm CET).

A lot of today’s ISVs face critical staffing shortages as experienced RPG, Cobol and CA 2E (Synon) developers retire. drastically reduce the cost of onboarding new developers- and improve time-to-market when delivering new features – with automated application understanding tools. Learn how to:

  • Improve developer productivity with automated application documentation
  • Segment application areas to suit individual developers’ skills
  • Visually understand application relationships with data flow diagrams.

Session 3: Rapid IBM i interface modernisation and development

Join Simon Porstendorfer (IBM) and Nick Hampson (Fresche Solutions) on Wednesday 9th December at 11:30 am GMT (12:30 pm CET).

How can you access new markets, offer competitive models (e.g. SaaS, Cloud) and improve client retention? Offer intuitive interfaces and modern features by modernising your applications and developing new web and mobile applications. Learn how to:

  • Automatically modernise existing applications and add new functionality
  • Rapidly develop strategic web and mobile applications
  • Improve integration with APIs

Ready to turn 2020 into an opportunity to innovate and grow your business? Register for the sessions here and join Fresche Solutions and IBM i to lunch and learn at 11:30 am GMT (12:30 pm CET) on Monday 7th, Tuesday 8th, and Wednesday 9th December.

Posted by Zoe on 1st December 2020.