25th November 2019

COMMON IBM i Virtual Summit 2019

COMMON Virtual Summit 2019

We live in a fast-paced world, with technology seemingly accelerating at a rate of knots. This is especially true for those working at the cutting edge of computing.

For IBM i developers and users, a large part of the role is staying up to date with advancements in the sector and the latest trends and technologies.

COMMON’s virtual summit is a great way to upskill your IBM i knowledge and keep abreast of current ideas and changes in the industry.

The event takes place over two days on 4th-5th December 2019. It is free to register and takes place completely online – so you can soak up that knowledge from the comfort of your own desk.

COMMON Virtual Summit December 2019 Session List

Some of the sessions and topics for the event have already been released, with more to be announced before the summit takes place in December:

Open Source Applied

Justin Reock | OpenLogic by Perforce
This case study shares best practices in using open-source software, exploring the configuration and operational interrelationships between packages. The session presents three different scenarios, taking open-source support data across multiple organisations, to illustrate top problems and solutions for stack selection, infrastructure implementation, and production troubleshooting. The information in this session covers Apache web server, ActiveMQ, CentOS, Docker, Kubernetes, Nginx, OpenSSL, Puppet, and PHP, – but it can also apply to other technologies.

Stop Over-Crunching Data: Use Powerful SQL Capabilities to Eliminate Use or Work Files and QTEMP

Rob Bestgen | IBM
This session covers tips and techniques to avoid over-crunching data to meet data preparation or untangling requirements. It shows you how to use the power of SQL (Common table expressions, Cross Lateral Join, OLAP Functions, and ETL) to avoid those intermediate steps sometimes needed in order to get data in shape for usage by another application or consumption by an end-user.

Intro to Well-Designed REST APIs

Stephanie Rabbani | Seiden Group
This talk shares API lessons learned from a large integration project with Salesforce. In it, you’ll discover some of the benefits of writing APIs, when to use Web APIs to access data, and tips on writing a flexible Web API that’s designed to last using code examples in multiple languages

Is Your Code Testable?

Barbara Morris | IBM
By automating code tests, you can participate in Dev Ops, and have more freedom to modify and enhance your code. In this session, you’ll learn some ways to write more testable code, and strategies to make existing code more testable.

AI and IBM i

Jesse Gorzinski | IBM
How can you leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies from IBM i? The IBM i has always been a data-centric platform – coupling AI and ML with the intensely valuable mission-critical data found in Db2 for i can bring huge amounts of innovation. This session gives you an overview of the opportunities that can be opened up by these new technologies, covering the various AI/ML packages available on IBM i, as well as the cloud-based capability of IBM Watson.

Authority Collection in 7.3 7.4: Locking Down Security for Sensitive Data, Files and Objects

Thom Haze | IBM
With the new Authority Collection capability in the 7.3 release and more changes to look forward to in the 7.4 release, this session is essential viewing for anyone involved in security administration and application development. Authority collection assists in locking down object-level security, giving security administrators and application providers a way to ensure that object authority is set to the most secure value while still allowing an application to run successfully.

What’s New in DB2

Scott Forstie | IBM
Learn about the enhancements added and new features delivered to Db2 for i and ACS in 4Q/2019 on IBM i 7.3 and 7.4 from the Db2 for i Business Architect himself.

Raring to expand your knowledge and prepare for new enhancements to the IBM i before 2020? Find out more and register for the summit.

Posted by Zoe on 25th November 2019.