Latest release of Remain Software’s popular TD/OMS delivers improved IBM i change management & DevOps

Remain Software has launched the latest version of TD/OMS, which represents 12-months worth of evolution for both TD/OMS and Gravity, the company’s primary in-house-developed change-management, workflow and DevOps solutions, often used in conjunction for end-to-end application-lifecycle management.

V11.1 proves to further productivity and ROI as it enables significant boosts to the efficiency by which software professionals can develop, test and deliver.

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With emphasis on increased collaboration, this release enables and optimises critical features such as real-time cross-platform dependency visibility, continuous integration automation, seamless interfacing, branching, plus REST API development and much more.

  • Enhanced API creation and management with our new OpenAPI Studio, available as a free version on the Eclipse Marketplace and as a fully integrated version within TD/OMS.
  • Native branching, which enables users to isolate work areas and work on specific development and testing tasks without interfering with the rest of the work being undertaken
  • Advanced multi-platform cross-referencing which enables users to search in SVN and Git repositories  regardless of where they are defined (GitHub, GitLab etc.)
  • Super-fast promote and checkout.
  • Graphical journal analysis.
  • New, intuitive views for Git and Jenkins interfaces, include Jenkins Builds view.
  • Auto-deploy to GeneXus; automated deployments and additional support for WebFOCUS.
  • Floating-user licensing.

Wim Jongman, Remain co-managing partner and chief technology officer, told IT Jungle in a recent interview explained some of the enhancements.

Regarding Git he said “if I want to manage my IBM i sources through Git, okay, then it’s probably hosted on GitHub, but I still want to see that in my integrated change management. I still want to see that in one user interface in which I control everything.

When speaking about OpenAPI Studio and the simplification of REST API development on IBM i he said:

“It’s all form based and it will help people to really quickly define REST APIs. We’re also able to define REST APIs from an IBM i database. For example, if I have a customer file, and I want to expose my customer to a REST service, you right click on a table and we ask you which fields do you want to expose to this REST service? The user selects the fields and then we generate the serviced and the service definition automatically.”

IBM i change management software delivering measurable ROI

Jongman commented on the inherent value and return on investment delivered by the new TD/OMS release:

“Time is money, and so is competitive edge. TD/OMS V11.1 represents thoughtful, customer-centric engineering as well as a combination of several guiding principles integral to our mission at Remain Software. One is that we continue to back our customers’ current and future development objectives with progressive enhancements and support for the essential, future-forward tools on which they rely.”

According to Marco Kok, Remain Software managing director, it’s also important that customers realise a true, measurable return on the investment in one of their biggest assets: the collection of IBM i software programs and applications that they have built and/or purchased over the years.

“Their investment in their software is as important as the investments they make in more traditional assets. Delivering the ROI by helping them properly manage that asset, with strategic, integrative change- and application-lifecycle management, is as important to us as it is to them.”

About Remain Software

With offices in Virginia, U.S.A. and Nieuwegein, Netherlands-based Remain Software specialises in robust, reliable, flexible IT solutions for change- and application-lifecycle-management, workflow, DevOps and integration, and more. Three Milestone releases follow each annual version release of TD/OMS and Gravity, Remain’s primary, in-house-developed tools.

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