27th July 2021

Get a little iNSIGHT: The best sessions at COMMON iNSIGHT 2021

Get a little iNSIGHT: The best sessions at COMMON iNSIGHT 2021

COMMON, the IBM i community’s membership organisation, is this week hosting its annual iNSIGHT conference.

The organisation represents thousands of IT professionals, from IBM i users and industry experts to vendors, thought leaders, and academics, and COMMON iNSIGHT 2021 is a fantastic way to keep your IBM i knowledge up-to-date

The event is free to members and 100% online, giving attendees a convenient way to continue their IBM i learning, with 70+ speaker sessions and discussions, a virtual Sponsor Showcase and the chance to meet and interact with favourite industry experts.

Registering for COMMON iNSIGHT now also gives you access to every session recording for 30 days after the live virtual event has closed.

Our partners Fresche Solutions are one of the sponsors for the event, alongside Avalara, HelpSystems, iTech, Lansa and MidrangeDynamics.

The best sessions at COMMON iNSIGHT 2021

Tuesday, 27th July 2021

Automatically Resize Your Database Fields

Robert Arce | Learn how you can take an automated approach to field resizing to:

  • Reduce the risk of human error
  • Provide a detailed impact assessment for the resize project
  • Eliminate guesswork when handling all aspects of the resizing task.

Improve IBM i Developer Productivity by 50%

Stephen Flaherty | Discover the business value derived from application documentation and analysis. Using tools to automate IBM i analysis and modernisation, you can:

  • Reduce time spent managing applications and onboarding new developers
  • Move projects forward faster
  • Reduce the risks involved in making changes to your code.

Using JavaScript Frameworks for Front-End Web Development

Greg Patterson | Get a better understanding of JavaScript frameworks and architecture options. Learn how you can take IBM i considerations to take into account to choose the right framework, technology and architecture for your business.

Browser Development Tools – Insights for Web Apps

Greg Patterson | Learn how to inspect HTML, CSS, JavaScript, identify network and page loading bottlenecks, and better understand your applications using browser developer tools – including mobile device emulation. Discover the benefits and features of the developer tools included in Google Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer and more.

Wireframing & Prototyping: A Strong Start to Web/Mobile Development

Greg Patterson | Before you start coding any new web and mobile development project on IBM i, it can be advantageous to validate your vision with a simple visual representation as a wireframe and/or prototype, so that you understand how the application will solve users’ problems before you build it. Discover:

  • What wireframes and prototypes are
  • The differences between wireframes and prototypes
  • The advantages of wireframing and prototyping.

Wednesday, 28th July 2021

Why Is Automated Testing so Important in Next-Generation Applications?

Ray Everhart | Businesses need changes deployed faster than ever, but new functionality can only be met by building Next Generation Applications, which can be automatically tested in the DevOps pipeline. Find out everything you need to know before you start to implement automatic testing:

  • Testing types and methods
  • The testing process
  • Interfacing with the pipeline.

End-to-End Testing Framework

Pascal Polverini | Discover why automated end-to-end testing is so important – and what tools you should use to accomplish it. Learn how:

  • Testing can reduce the risks involved in your project success
  • Automating testing can have a positive impact on the overall budget
  • Testing can not only validate changes but also accelerate your whole development cycle.

Thursday, 29th July 2021

Top 10 UI Web Design Tips for IBM i Developers

Nick Hampson |leverage your existing skillset from RPG and COBOL to GUI, UI to UX to develop for the Web and Mobile world. Learn how you can build and leverage your skills to modernise legacy applications – and build new ones – by:

  • Translating green paradigms to GUI, leveraging the skills you already have
  • Examining the features of familiar applications to design the look of your own applications
  • Using colour in interface design
  • Engaging the user
  • Understanding just how easy mobile and responsive design can be.

You can register for COMMON iNSIGHT 2021 here – and get access to all the recordings for 30 days after the virtual conference closes.

Posted by Zoe on 27th July 2021.