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Manufacturing ERP & Open Source on the IBM i

Manufacturing ERP

IQMS have published a series of whitepapers about every aspect of Manufacturing ERP, from research to installation, to getting the highest value from your manufacturing ERP software during its' lifecycle

If you're considering taking on a new manufacturing ERP system, or upgrading from an existing one, Reading information from the experts is a great place to start.

Open Source on IBM i

With the demand from users growing for access to both the data and business logic contained on your IBM i, you need the development, modernisation and mobilisation strategy and tools that can deliver web and mobile applications that are as secure, resilient and powerful as your existing green screen applications.

These resources guide you through the process of developing web and mobile applications on the IBM i using PHP, the world's most popular programming language for web and mobile applications. They also look at setting up, deploying and managing the leading enterprise-grade PHP engine on IBMi, Zend Server.

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Fresche IBM i Modernisation

Guides on IBMi Modernisation from Fresche, who provide IBM i modernisation software including Presto, X-Analysis and WebSmart.

Proximity are a UK Fresche Power Partner

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Manufacturing ERP

IQMS Manufacturing ERP whitepaper


7 Reasons Companies Invest in New ERP

Every manufacturing organisation is unique, and has unique requirements from an ERP system. In this whitepaper, IQMS outline seven business challenges that may have prompted you to consider an investment in a new ERP solution, and helps you start to evaluate the options available to solve your manufacturing ERP problems.

IQMS Manufacturing ERP whitepaper


Customised Innovation: Finding the Tools to Automate

In a move towards leaner and more efficient operations, the manufacturing industry is looking towards custom automations for the shopfloor. Whether relatively straightfoward, or more complex, automation has proved its' place in the manufacturing industry, and this whitepaper from IQMS introduces you to some of the options.

IQMS Manufacturing ERP whitepaper


How to Increase Plant Capacity without Adding Resources

Following some of the worst years in economic history, many manufacturers are now struggling to meet a dramatic increase in demand. This IQMS whitepaper tells how you can increase the capacity of your plant, without adding resources.

IQMS Manufacturing ERP whitepaper


Auditing ERP for Manufacturing Fit and Functionality

If your ERP software isn't specifically designed for manufacturing and lacks some of the modules and features needed by your shopfloor, then your ERP system could be lacking software fit and functionality: you may need a functionality audit.This IQMS whitepaper outlines a specific list of concsiderations for your internal ERP audit.


IQMS Manufacturing ERP whitepaper


Real-Time Shop Floor Integration, Simplified

Simplify the relationship between your shop floor ad your manufacturing ERP. It can be hard for these distinct parts of your manufacturing plant to work together, but this whitepaper will give you tips on bringing the departments closer, to work in synergy with one another, and improve performance and productivity.

IQMS Manufacturing ERP whitepaper


Synchronising The Supply Chain: How ERP Can Open Up Capacity

As supply chains move away from offshore suppliers of components, domestic manufacturers need to increase capacity without incurring additional capital expence. Using a dedicated manufacturing ERP like IQMS can help manufacturers to increase capacity and meet demand, without adding staff or floorspace.

IQMS Manufacturing ERP whitepaper


Why ERP Systems Fail to Perform

After investing the time, money and other resources into a new ERP system, it is frustrating when it begins to fail, and staff go back to their old ways. A series of problems, combined with unmanaged expectations are typically the cause of the issue. This whitepaper explores some of the triggers for ERP failure, and how it can be prevented.

IQMS Manufacturing ERP whitepaper


Warehouse management Systems 101

An introduction to warehouse management systems (WMS). WMS systems can vary greatly, from the most basic packages to highly sophisticaped programmes. Using IQMS WMS integrated with the IQMS ERP solution, much of your systems and processes can be easily and quickly automated, and you can have business-wide tracability.



IQMS Manufacturing ERP whitepaper


The Rules have Changed: What Does MES Mean to You?

With the resurgence of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) as a critical business tool for the manufacturing industry, and MES software that is more flexible and advanced than ever before, where does that leave the potential customers who may be struggling to see the benefits of adopting a MES system? Find out in IQMS' handy guide.

IQMS Manufacturing ERP whitepaper


The Hidden Expenses Often Found in Low-Cost ERP Systems

When investing in new manufacturing enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, a low price tag isn't always in indication of the total cost of ownership. This whitepaper from IQMS takes you through some of the questions to ask and considerations to take into account, when choosing to invest in manufacturing ERP, to help you avoid some of the pitfalls of seemingly 'low-cost' solutions.

IQMS Manufacturing ERP whitepaper


ERP Implementation Tips from the Trenches

To successfully and efficiently implement your new manufacturing ERP system, your individual business requirements and obectives must be carefully considered. IQMS' dedicated implementation specialists are experienced in configuring the EnterpriseIQ system, to give each business full advantage of the software. This whitepaper offers their advice for keeping your implementation process on-track.

IQMS Manufacturing ERP whitepaper


Best Technology Practices for Traceability Reporting

Do you have the systems in place to record and report every step of your manufacturing operactions? This whitepaper from IQMS gives you tips to ensure that your tracking and tracing systems are always ready to stand up to quality and process inspections.

IQMS Manufacturing ERP whitepaper


Do Your Due Diligence When Selecting a New ERP Vendor

After making the decision to spend time and money investing in a new manufacturing ERP system, it is essential for businesses to research ERP vendors with due diligence, to find the best ERP slution for their needs.

IQMS Manufacturing ERP whitepaper


How Successful ERP Selections Are Made

Manufacturers adding, upgrading or replacing ERP software are concerned with what the system can do for them. This whitepaper covers some of the most critical factors that must be considered when making an ERP purchase.

IQMS Manufacturing ERP whitepaper


Expert Advice on Flexible and Inexpensive Aproaches to Adding Capacity

By teaming up with Mint Jutras, IQMS have been able to discuss the issue of growing capacity, without adding floorspace, equipment or personnal, with industry expert Cindy Jutras, to produce this whitepaper.


Open Source PHP on IBM i

Getting started with PHP on i

Getting started with PHP on the IBM i

If you are thinking of developing PHP applications on the IBM i, but don't really know where to start then this guide will help you get started.

Inside, you'll find a step-by-step guide to setting up Zend server and some advice on some of the tools you'll need to start developing, deploying and managing modern web and mobile applications on the IBM i.

First printed on Powerwire, the leading independent publication for IBM i, AIX and Linux news in Europe.



Tips for a happy Zend Server


Tips for a happy Zend Server on the IBM i

In our first PHP on i guide, Pete Samways looked at how to get started with PHP on IBM i. Server side, this involved installing Zend Server - the PHP engine that makes things happen.

In this guide, Pete shares some tips on how to configure Zend Server to avoid problems and get the best out of it.

First printed on Powerwire, the leading independent publication for IBM i, AIX and Linux news in Europe.

Guide to running open source PHP applications on IBM i with Zend


Guide to running open source PHP applications on the IBM i with Zend

Open source software is increasingly gaining acceptance in the IBM i community as a way to 'cheaply' and easily provide solutions for common business needs. Typically, source code is provided free of charge under license, with rights granted to use, study, change and distribute the software.

In this latest guide, Pete Samways does warn that open source software is free, but free like a puppy.

First printed on Powerwire, the leading independent publication for IBM i, AIX and Linux news in Europe.

Deploy secure and safe web applicaitons


Deploy secure and safe web applications

This guide explains how WebSmart, an award-winning rapid development tool for creating PHP or RPG desktop and mobile web applications, in conjunction with the free IBM HTTP Server powered by Apache, provides all of the tools and technology to create and deploy web applications that are secure and safe.

Reproduced with kind permission of BCD Software, the leading provider of tools for developing, modernising and mobilising the IBM i

deploying popular software and systems on the IBM i using Zend Server


Deploying Popular Software and Systems on the IBMi using Zend Server

Download a bundle of quick guides showing you how to deploy various popular software and systems on the IBM i using Zend Server.

The PHP on IBM i series includes quick-start guides to deploying Magneto, Drupal, Sugar CRM, WordPress, Mantis Bug Tracker, MediaWiki, Adminer, Joomla, phpBB and phpMyAdmin using Zend server on the IBM i

Fresche IBM i Modernisation

Fresche IBMi Backlog Checklist

Fresche IBMi Backlog Checklist

This simple checklist from Fresche gives you 10 ways to address your IBMi IT backlog.

IT departments have tighter resources than ever before and, between requests from users for enhancements, fixes and new projects, as well as application evolvement, it is easy for a backlog to build up. This checklist features ten strategies to address yout IBM i Checklist.


Six Steps to a Successful IBM i Modernisation

This whitepaper from Fresche gives you the 6 steps that lead up to a successful IBM i modernisation project

IBM i systems contain huge amounts of the essential data for running a successful business. As businesses grow, their systems start to age. This can provide challenges to overstreched IT systems. If you need to modernise your IBM i, this whitepaper can act as a roadmap to successful IBM i application modernisation.


Fresche IBM i Application Modernisation