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Learn more about some of the solutions and products offered by proximity, from Manufacturing ERP to IBM i Modernisation.

Just click to watch informative videos, explaining some of the features and benefits of our solutions. These videos are a quick and easy way to learn more, but for further information about how our products and solutions can help you, just contact us. Videos are available for:

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Manufacturing ERP


Why is a modern ERP system so crucial? — One company’s journey

Why is it so crucial to modernize your ERP systems? This interview/banter between one company’s wary COO and its committed IT leader tells the story. “We needed a more modern solution.” Deploying a modern, unified Infor ERP has brought new features like mobile apps, collaboration platform, self-service HR portal, and productivity tools. “Just about every department has benefited”: Accounts Payable, Finance, Procurement, Human Resources.


Delivery and Transport Management


A look at the STREAM software trial

This video runs through the STREAM delivery and transport management software trial. The STREAM trial enables you to experience the features of STREAM so that you can see how easy it is to manage your orders, vehicles and deliveries efficiently.


Using partial searches to filter orders

You can search for specific orders by using a partial postcode, such as part of the postcode or customer name. STREAM will filter and return all orders featuring that partial search. As well as using partial searches to find individual orders, you can use it to find groups of orders.


Delivery locations in Google Maps and Street View

Google Maps and Street View functionality is a powerful feature, especially in a customer services environment. From the order details, you can hover over 'events' that have been captured via STREAM's mobile app and, if available you can view the location that the event took place on Google Maps and Street View.


How to run reports and download to Excel

You can quickly and easily run a range of different pre-set reports from the order list screen based on the search criteria used and, if required, download data to an Excel spreadsheet.


Manually creating an email

You can easily create ad hoc emails with a link to tracking directly from STREAM and send them through your email client to partners, colleagues or customers.


Omnichannel Retail Management and Inventory


Magento Inventory Management and ERP by Brightpearl

Find out how Brightpearl can make customer experience seamless and streamline your ecommerce processes at the same time. Brightpearl brings together all of your sales channels,Magento inventory management, orders, accounting, customer data, and reporting - all in one place.


Brightpearl: The Retail Inventory Management System

This video gives you an overview of Brightpearl, the retail inventory management system for multichannel merchants.


IBM i Modernisation

BCD Software

Give your IBM i users the modern UI they want

Find out how you can improve workflows, by transforming your old green screens into modern web pages, with Presto from BCD Software.


Sneak Peek: New Responsive WebSmart Templates

Streamline web development by creating desktop and mobile applications that use a single code base.


Introducing WebSmart for Node.js Beta

WebSmart for Node.js, which will be available in beta in early March, is the newest edition of WebSmart, BCD's rapid web application development solution. These new templates jumpstart open-source web and mobile application development by generating the initial HTML, CSS and JavaScript. You can then customize the Node.js applications for your business needs in the WebSmart IDE.


Quadrant Software

Modernizing IBM i Spool File Processes with Deliver i

In this short video you'll see how you can use Quadrant Software’s Deliver i™ suite to modernize your spool file driven processes and improve operational efficiencies. With Deliver i, you can quickly take your plain text spool files and transform them into graphic, branded documents, export valuable data to excel spreadsheets, automatically distribute them via email…and make them accessible to users anytime via a secure web-based portal.


Avaya Call Centre Monitoring


Take Your Avaya CMS Reporting to the Next Level

N-Focus Plus helps you get the most of Avaya CMS with permission-based, real-time and historical reports using data from your Avaya CMS servers. Using NFocus Plus’ intuitive web-based interface, every decision maker, manager, agent and any other authorized user can quickly generate, display and distribute reports.


IBM i Security


Raz-Lee Security

This 40-second video provides a great, concise overview of Raz-Lee Security's IBM i (AS/400) security, auditing & compliance solutions.