What is the best alternative to Avaya BCMR?

News that Avaya are discontinuing their BCMR call centre reporting solution may be a cause for concern for anyone running Avaya Definity or Communication Manager call centres.

From 13th June 2016, Avaya have no longer accepted new orders for BCMR, software support will be discontinued in June 2017 and hardware support in June 2019. In any case, most Avaya call centres have outgrown BCMR for reporting.

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NEW BCD Webinar: How to Generate Revenue with IBM i Web and Mobile Applications

Our partners at BCD HQ are delivering a brand new, value-driven webinar this week, from Tim Rowe, Business Architect for Application Development at IBM and Marcel Sarrasin, VP of Corporate Marketing and Business Development at Fresche.

Are you getting the top value from your IBM i? Undoubtedly it holds valuable data and runs mission-critical applications, but this BCD webinar will show you how to give your IBM i a more strategic role, using web and mobile applications to generate revenue.

During the webinar, Tim Rowe and Marcel Sarrasin will discuss:

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Infor IBM i event for LX, System 21 & XA Customers

Infor customers using their IBM i based enterprise resourcing planning (ERP) software are being invited to attend a two-day event on 29 - 30 November 2016 at the four-time hosts of golf's Ryder Cup, The Belfry.

Attendance and dinner at the event are free.

Co-sponsored by Infor, the agenda is wide-ranging and is aimed at CIOs, CFOs and CEOs:

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New videos from BCD Software take you from green screen to web and mobile GUI in 10 minutes

This post first appeared here on BCDSoftware.co.uk.

Our partners at BCD and Fresche have released a new video series, giving you a step-by-step guide to enhancing screens without HTML experience, using Presto. Watching these videos will show you exactly how you can use Presto to modernise IBM i green screens, in under ten minutes.

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Why Modernise Your IBM i Green Screens to a Modern Web-Based GUI?

Organisations rely heavily on applications running on the IBM i - anything from ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) applications to finance packages and supply chain management solutions. Though the IBM i is a powerful and modern platform, green screen interfaces can make it feel antiquated and can limit productivity for non-developers accessing your applications, including end users and management.

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