The rugged mobility landscape is shifting. But what’s driving this change?

Starting next year, Microsoft will begin ending support for legacy Windows embedded operating systems.

So, where do you go from here?

With Ivanti Velocity, we’ve built a framework to help you move to android successfully.

Velocity takes everything we’ve learned in the three decades of our WaveLink heritage. Not just building products, but understanding how businesses expect to implement and use them, and packages it all up, transporting you to the latest and greatest in productivity and user experience

Velocity offers a simple 4-step migration plan, allowing you to adopt your new mobile technology at your own pace:

  • Migrate
  • Optimise
  • Modernise
  • Speech

The first step in this approach lets you migrate to a new Android device, bringing you existing telnet client or web application with you.

Then, optimise workflows and incorporate process automation, such as transparent keyboards and macros and automation.

Next, modernise the user experience of your telnet and web apps, essentially enhancing the app interface for the Android touchscreen experience.

Finally, give your velocity apps even more productivity, boosting power by voice enabling with speakeasy.

As a global company, Ivanti has got more than 30,000 satisfied customers, running over 10,000,000 licenses today – more than all their competitors, combined.

So, no matter where you are in the world, Ivanti got you covered. Their solutions are internationalised, and accessible in many local languages, so Ivanti support even the broadest multinational organisations. Ivanti’s support is continuous, available 24x7x365, in several languages.

Let Ivanti guide you through the migration process.

Learn more about terminal emulation and Windows CE migration to Android here.