From manufacturing shop floor to warehouse: reduce inventory costs & improve traceability

The single most important factor for ensuring shop floor efficiency? Improving materials and parts accuracy? Improving your bottom line?

Inventory control and management.

IQMS’ inventory and warehouse management module ensure you can control every aspect of your supply chain: from reducing the physical inventory you hold to improving supplier communication and tracking your parts manufactured by third-parties to forecasting raw materials.

Built on lean manufacturing principles, the module:

  • Separates inventory master records for each individual manufacturing location
  • Both conventional Kanban and eKanban are supported
  • Complete lot number tracking and traceability
  • Serialised inventory control.

Store, track, manage and fulfill customer order based on comprehensive, real-time inventory data across your manufacturing shop floor, warehouse and stock held with third-party vendors and suppliers:

  • Warehouse management system enables you to make adjustments to inventory from the shop floor through handheld mobile computers, PDAs or RF-enabled scanners
  • Vendor managed inventory (VMI) functionality means you can track and manage inventory held by your customers or suppliers
  • Intercompany transactions enables manufacturers with multiple plants to unify scheduling and distribution across all facilities
  • Outsource inventory management enables you to track, manage, distribute and monitor the status of inventry held at vendor sites, regardless of whether it is only partially or completely manufactured
  • Sophisticated labeling and barcoding functionality to automate your manufacturing, fulfilment, warehousing, scanning, customer and internal labeling requirements
  • eKanban ensures lean manufacturing across your business. Minimum and maximum inventory works with IQMS sales, work orders and scheduling to ensure no item is ever missing or short
  • Shelf life management tracks inventory expirations. Proactive email notifications which automatically informs you of non-conforming inventory
  • A complete and detailed transaction history log is held on each item manufactured (until purged)
  • Find out where an item has been used by a manufacturing configuration or as a component in a blend with ‘where used analysis’
  • Maintain standard costs based on each cost element which incorporates work in progress and finished products
  • Supports non-conforming, not allocated and default inventory locations
  • Monitor historical, current and future costs
  • Unlimited price breaks enables you to set volume discounts for both finished goods and raw materials
  • Enables immediate or scheduled pricing updates as well as mass substitutions
  • Maintain items which are manufactured from two or more materials or ingredients with blend and formula management tools
  • Class-based inventory, for example finished goods, raw materials and packaging enables the storing of ‘class-specific information, such as manufacturing data or supplier information
  • Supports unlimited units of measurement (UOMs) to be associated with purchasing, production, sales or stocking for review or automatic conversion
  • Enables unlimited locations per inventory item.

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