IQMS Manufacturing Software Add-Ons

Enhance the Value of Your IQMS Software

Extend and enhance the capabilities of your IQMS manufacturing and MES Systems software with a range of additional applications and utilities, including:

Bill of Lading (BOL) Signature Capture

Electronically capture and store signatures in EnterpriseIQ. The signature image can then be added and printed with the BOL report.

Carton Builder

Interfaces with your weight scales to calculate total parts by weight. Application can then print labels and disposition product.

Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) Import Tool

IQMS’ CMM Import Tool maps and automatically imports .csv and XML data from the CMM into the EnterpriseIQ SPC inspection parameters.

Credit Card Processing

IQMS supports multiple credit card providers so you can proces credit card transactions safely and securely.

Fax Server

Send faxes directly from anywhere in IQMS EnterpriseIQ by linking a contact with a fax number. Application includes ZetaFax fax server.

Label Printing Assistant

Scan work order barcodes to quickly and easily print labels.

Pallet Wrapper

Application prints pallet labels automatically for serial numbers scanned by a pallet wrapper machine.

RT Label Monitor

Application automatically prints label based on the number of good parts counted. Application also takes into account scrap items.

Scan ID

Print container labels based on scans of labels on packages going into container.


Scan and transfer master labels into inventory. Application includes options to backflush raw materials at the end of the production process.

Smart Page Slide Show

Use Smart Page to dynamically scroll through your personal display of KPIs, reports, graphs, plant performance, etc.

SolidWorks Add In

Integrate SolidWorks documents, part and assembly data with EnterpriseIQ inventory items, BOM, project management and preventative maintenance at the same time as maintaining version integrity and document control workflow between SolidWorks and EnterpriseIQ.

Currency and Tax Update Services

Automatically update currency spot rates for selected currencies. The tax code service automatically updates federal, state and local tax codes. Both services require a monthly subscription fee.

“The VIN generator and sales configuration templates are unparalleled. We use them every day and couldn’t operate without the two. Our old system offered those programs, but the functionality wasn’t integrated. It was not a third party, but more of a build on”.

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