Supply chain visibility & optimisation

Comprehensive, sector-leading supply chain management module enabling manufacturers to maximise the performance of their supply chain. Plan, execute and manage your supply chain strategy and tactics efficiently, effectively and more profitably.

With real-time information, IQMS helps you to:

  • Increase supply chain visibility
  • Improve asset and labour utilisation
  • Reduce inventory and improve shipping accuracy
  • Ensure products are delivered on time, every time
  • Respond faster to new business opportunities
  • Ensure you are in the best position to respond to opportunities in fluctuating markets.

Comprehensive supply chain management features with no batch interfaces:

Demand Planning

Updated in real-time, EnterpriseIQ’s planning and scheduling module monitors activities and events taking place throughout your supply chain. The module brings together all the requirements and objectives defined in your supply chain plan with transactions entered externally through the web-based portal and internally through EnterpriseIQ. Data is interrogated to determine the optimal schedule which meets customer demands as well as your business objectives.

Order Management

Users to create and manage sales orders from one single screen, while at the same time have access to production information, warehouse inventory, previous orders, shipping and billing history amongst others.

Warehouse & Inventory Management

Reduce inventory costs, improve traceability and maximise enterprise and supply chain management efficiency with IQMS’ fully integrated inventory and warehouse management. Designed on lean manufacturing management principles, features include separate inventory master records for each individual manufacturing plant, eKanban and conventional Kanban control support, lot number tracking and traceability, plus serialised inventory control.

EDI Management

Support true supply chain functionality with two-way EDI exchange messages for customers, suppliers and freight carriers. With no cumbersome third party applications to manage, IQMS’ EDI module translates data directly into the ERP and then automatically generates outgoing data files for transfer back to your customers and suppliers in trading partner formats across a wide range of sectors.

KPI and Metric Reporting

Sophisticated Business Intelligence functionality leverages information in EnterpriseIQ to bring supply chain management reporting, analysis and visibility. Monitor and manage supplier performance, track statuses, purchase history and pricing throughout your business with flexible reports, graphs, gauges and dashboards.

Web Portal Access

Business-to-business and business-to-consumer web portal functionality empowers suppliers and customers alike, enabling them to access critical information at anytime.

Vendor Managed Inventory

Manage any inventory you may have at a customer’s sites with EnterpriseIQ vendor managed inventory module.

Outsourced Inventory Management

View, manage and optimise stored or manufactured inventory throughout your supply chain. EnterpriseIQ automatically identifies items stored and manufactured held by suppliers and partners to correctly generate manufacturing quantities.


“RealTime monitoring, being able to collect the data without human intervention and without those errors, is an absolute solution for us. With the help of IQMS, we have elevated our accuracy to a whole new level of accountability, correctness and truth”.

Steinwall Scientific, plastic injection moulding manufacturer

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