Statistical Process Control (SPC): track product & process quality in real-time

A vital component in your manufacturing quality control,¬†IQMS’ statistical process control (SPC) module¬†enables you to track and monitor product and process quality in real-time so that you can make continuous improvements to your manufacturing operations.

While the internal procedures you will have created focus on improving your manufacturing processes, the SPC modules helps you to track quality in manufacturing parts and eliminate waster, rework or scrap.

Working in conjunction with other manufacturing quality management modules, the SPC module collects parts data from other EnterpriseIQ ERP software modules as they enter the plant floor, enabling instant input and analysis. Both variable and attribute data is collected, enabling you to input and analyse data as both subgroups and individual data, as well as key functions such as:

  • Inspection plans: input and maintain dimensions to track process capability, determine lot acceptability or conduct first article inspections. You can also add inspection instructions as well as special notes to help ensure operator consistency
  • Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) import: automatically import CMM data directly into EnterpriseIQ from the world’s leading CMM software, PC-DMIS
  • Quick inspections: empower machine operators to easily enter data from the launcher bar, ShopData, AssemblyData, FabData and/or hand-held PDA to complete statistical analysis
  • Easily track, maintain, measure, and perform calibrations on gauges and devices
  • Links are embedded directly to preventative maintenance and data ports, therefore measurements are automatically updated in both the SPC and Quick Inspection modules
  • Gauge Repeatability and Reproducibility (R&R) tools enable users to conduct measurement system analysis so they can assess the accuracy of gauges and operators in measuring parameters (average and range method for measurement system analysis, plus X-bar and R-charts)
  • Statistical Process Control charts are generated based on the type of data, which include X-bar and R-charts for subgroups, X-MR charts for individuals, histograms for both types of data, and p and np charts for attributes
  • Values for Cpk, Ppk, Cr, control limits, etc. are tailored to the type of data entered and are provided in an easy-to-read summary every time a chart is generated
  • Real-time control, trend chart and quick inspection features give operators a real-time view of process performance
  • Data collection can be achieved using any measurement gauges / devices with a data port
  • Visual colour coding and audible warnings generated if measurements are out of specification
  • Charts and data can be exported directly to Microsoft Word, while data only can be exported to Excel for further analysis using a variety of third party graphing and analysis tools

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