Shop floor control made easy: visual manufacturing plant floor control & performance management

IQMS’ shop floor data module provides manufacturers with a visual front-end interface to their shop floor performance management and control.

By giving shop floor operatives access to work orders via standard PC’s; tablet or smartphone; or IQMS’ own manufactured RTStation touch-screen technology, shop floor data helps you gain better control over your manufacturing data – and performance. Operatives can log into any particular work order on the shop floor and view production data, monitor performance, enter statistical process control (SPC) data, access documents, print labels and preventative maintenance work orders amongst others.

All manufacturing, production and inventory information is displayed in easy-to-view, full-screen displays. Designed for fast and accurate display and entry, large controls such as number pads and drop-down lists can be used at the touch of a finger or with the click of a mouse.

“IQMS worked pretty much from the start. We took our time making sure that all the infrastructure, policies, data and procedures were in place before going live. We also ran the old system in parallel for the first few months, but never needed to touch it. Since the initial installation, we’ve added the quality management module and implemented EDI to serve the needs of our largest automotive customer. We are now in the process of adding the forecasting module to the IQMS mix as well as planning for implementing the project management module so we can manage the manufacturing of moulds more effectively. Since implementing IQMS we have access to real-time and accurate information. Quite simply, our manufacturing and production could not run without IQMS.”

Trend Technologies

Real-time production monitoring

Key element of IQMS’ MES systems software, the module provides real-time monitoring of production performance data enabling you to drive manufacturing efficiency. Identify areas of manufacturing inefficiency before they have a real impact on your business.

Quality & quick inspection

Enter SPC information and view production charts, graphs and history related to quality management.

Inventory & warehouse adjustments

Move inventory to and from stock locations effortlessly – reducing inventory costs and improving traceability.

Floor dispositions

Record real-time production data directly into IQMS enterpriseiq.


Quickly and easily record rejects from a user-defined pick-list for each workstation, inventory item, date and/or production shift.

Production & downtime reporting

Record, monitor and manage production downtime for jobs currently running or select historical jobs from all production dates, shifts, workstations and corresponding manufacturing configurations.

Internal & external documentation

Access cad drawings, documentation, images, special instructions, issue logs and spreadsheets associated with each production job running on your machines.

Serialised label printing

Quickly and easily access and print labels right from each workstation.

Task clock

Track and manage staff costs by production job running on each machine.

Work order detail

Print work orders; access machine and production item histories; enter finished goods lot numbers; and much more.

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