Manufacturing Process Monitoring: monitor machine performance & drive industry 4.0 initiatives

Gather machine performance and process data at the enterprise level in real-time without the need for costly and cumbersome third-party, SCADA or other batch software integration with IQMS’ RealTime Manufacturing Process Monitoring software.

Data collected can either be viewed and analysed directly or through IQMS’ Enterprise IQ ERP software – all in real-time.

What’s more RealTime also communicates directly with various manufacturing operations modules such as planning, scheduling and inventory management. It also enables machine-to-machine (M2M) interaction to drive even greater operational efficiency.

  • Increase accuracy by reducing the errors associated with human interaction
  • Improve product quality and reduce costs associated with defects, rejects, products returns and rework
  • Control manufacturing processes before they become costly problems with actionable intelligence
  • Focus on finding process exceptions before parts deviate from control and / or specification limits
  • Predictive performance modeling means you can more effectively use resources.

Manufacturing performance and measurement parameters can be defined and captured at the item, tool and machine level. RealTime gives you the flexibility to gather unique, job-specific data to identify and rectify poor functioning equipment.

“The immediacy of RealTime forces a discipline in our plants that did not exist before. RealTime on the shop floor makes our operators think like business owners. Instead of recording production data on paper to be seen in a week or a month’s time, our operators now know what they do on the shop floor will be seen the second it happens. This motivates people to understand the impact of their actions and as a result to work better, smarter, more productively”.

Miniature Precision Components, thermoplastic manufacturer

Real-Time Process Monitoring delivers

  • IP-based communication using either wired or wireless ethernet to support Internet of Things (IoT) smart manufacturing infrastructure
  • Optional proprietary Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) data acquisition hardware from IQMS enables you to connect any new or old equipment via sensors and machine input / output
  • Quickly upload performance parameters to your work centre with simplified setup and configuration
  • Monitor, analyse and communicate any additional parameters the device can gather including pressure, temperature, dimensions, weight, fill rate and many more
  • Automatically populate statistical process control (SPC) charts and graphs
  • Proactive visual, text, email or audio alert notifications
  • Access and monitor performance of your operation from any desktop or mobile device, from anywhere with web-based data
  • Drill down into each job as data is stored by part number, production order, manufacturing configuration and lot number
  • Accurate and instantaneous feedback through powerful graphs, gauges and reports
  • Built specifically for the shop floor environment – simple to install requiring minimal maintenance
  • Can be extended to support and communicate with an unlimited number of PLCs, work centres, machines, measuring devices or other manufacturing equipment.

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