Data collection & reporting: increase the efficiency of your manufacturing operation

The key to manufacturing efficiency? Ensuring the ability to optimise throughput while ensuring you can produce quality products – at the same time as maximising equipment efficiency.

IQMS’ OEE tracking, analysis and reporting tools┬ácan help your manufacturing business by:

  • Increasing efficiency and manufacturing productivity on the plant floor
  • Eliminating unplanned downtime
  • Responding instantly to changes in performance efficiency and effectiveness
  • Reducing direct and indirect costs associated with poorly functioning equipment, low quality parts and excess waste.

With IQMS, real-time shop floor data flows automatically from the MES system and EnterpriseIQ ERP software into a simple, intuitive presentation of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) factors.

Key OEE Features

Visibility Into the Entire Enterprise

Plant and enterprise-wide view of OEE factors. You can configure the module so you only see the information you want

Exception Alerts

Real-time alerts sent in a variety of formats: email, SMS, push notifications on screen or voice announcements

Automatic Data Collection

No manual intervention is required as IQMS automatically captures OEE calculations and stores them for future analysis

Manufacturing Performance Charts & Graphs

Dynamically updated charts and graphs with real-time performance and quality data

Flexible Report Delivery

Performance reports delivered where you want: desktop, mobile device, direct to printer, sent by email or saved to file

Manufacturing KPI Intelligence Dashboards

Use the range of pre-built OEE performance dashboards, or create your own bespoke performance indicators

Comparison & Trend Analysis

Compare current shift OEE with previous OEE percentages, by job, work centre, shift or day

Granular Traceability

Whether at enterprise, plant or work centre level, you can track efficiency and downtime with traceability right down to item and revision number

Statistical Process Control (SPC) Reporting

Real-time tracking of product and process quality with automatic updates to the SPC module for continuous improvement initiatives

Information Drill Down

Easily jump to additional information stored in other IQMS EnterpriseIQ ERP, MES system and quality modules

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