Sales order management & processing: create & manage orders from a single screen

IQMS’ sales order management module¬†enables users to create and manage sales from one screen.

Move beyond a simple order management system by giving users the ability to access the rest of the EnterpriseIQ modules such as production details, inventory, previous shipments, production scheduling and amend orders at the click of the mouse. Users can instantly convert sales quotes to sales orders regardless of whether they have been received externally through the web, or entered internally.

  • The sales order management module has integrated¬†Available-to-Promise (ATP) and Capable-To-Promise (CTP) functionality¬†which checks both open orders and inventory when creating work orders. This ensures that only the parts needed (as indicated on the sales quote) are
  • produced
  • Powerful analytics tools help you identify sales trends and profitability by product, business unit, customer and sales person
  • Intuitive order entry UI which features pull down menus and previous order history including, ship and bill to details; pricing and quantity discounts; and more
  • Flexible pricing and discount options enables pricing by tiers, customer specific pricing and other discount terms to be applied
  • Cumulative (including R.A.N. / KanBan number tracking) or blanket release management to support the most stringent automotive, medical and other industry requirements
  • Unlimited ship and bill to details with multiple delivery scheduling for each sales order and even one sales order release
  • Every order can include a combination of taxable, non-taxable, miscellaneous and commission based items
  • Credit card payment processing enabled regardless of whether taken internally or submitted electronically via the web portal
  • EDI functionality enables sales orders to be imported and released automatically or flagged according to rules specified by you
  • Complete return material Authorisation (RMAs) with links to CAR / CAPA, ECOs and MRB
  • Tracking of warranties
  • Powerful credit management tools manages individual customer credit limits, credit holds and other hold conditions
  • Entire module is colour-coded for quick visual recognition. Instantly links to immediate shipping and invoicing information make customer service easy
  • Turn orders into picking lists, packing labels or invoices with a single click or generated later in a batch or individually.

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