Integrate your existing ERP software with IQMS MES system

Deliver Improved Shop Floor Visibility and Responsiveness

Whether you are running SAP, JD Edwards, Oracle or other leading ERP software system, gain production floor visibility by integrating IQMS’ MES software so you can manage planned versus actual production, increase capacity utilisation and reduce manufacturing costs.

Choosing the Right MES Solution to Provide Shop Floor Visibility

IQMS’ MES software has been designed and developed to meet the unique manufacturing requirements of your particular sector. IQMS has a robust integration layer to ensure data from your existing corporate ERP systems maps to the MES software in real-time, seamlessly.

Integrate Your Corporate ERP Software with IQMS

Organisations worldwide are turning to IQMS to ensure their ERP systems are optimising their manufacturing operations – and are typically reporting:

  • 30% decease in rejects
  • 27% increase in finished goods inventory turns
  • 70% reduction in maintenance costs
  • 14.8% average machine downtime savings
  • 12.6 hours on average saved per week in scheduling.

Benefits of Integrating Your Software with IQMS MES System

  • Two-way communicaton between ERP and MES to optimise shop floor operations
  • Holistic view of supply chain, manufacturing planning, finance, quality management and operations
  • Visibility and transparency so you can make better business decisions
  • Real-time data on sales orders, consumption, availability and work in progress
  • Reduced downtime and increased work centre productivity
  • React immediately to what is happening on your shop floor
  • Improve inventory management and cycle times
  • Reduce production errors and rejects.
  • Improve quality – and deliver audits in less time.

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