Material Review Board: document, track & manage material discrepancies

An integral part of IQMS’ EnterpriseIQ ERP and manufacturing software quality management module, the¬†Material Review Board (MRB)¬†enables manufacturers to document, manage and track material discrepancies electronically.

Material discrepancies can be in raw materials, work in process or finished goods.

When non-conformities are identified, the MRB module enables individuals inside and outside your organisation to get involved in the quality management process. Any decision making communication barriers are broken down and the whole quality control process becomes more efficient and effective.

  • An MRB can be created immediately from inventory if materials are identified as non-conforming
  • Automatically email enabled work groups to enable team members to monitor, authorise and review MRBs and the workflow process electronically
  • Embedded links to EnterpriseIQ data provides detailed information about customers, vendors and more
  • Outstanding actions are automatically analysed and email notifications sent to each team member with the corresponding action
  • User-defined list to disposition non-conforming material
  • Create corrective action requests (CARs) and deviations directly from the MRB software
  • Links to external documents as well as IQMS’ document control module enables individuals to quickly access, store and capture historic data
  • Associate MRBs with customers or vendors to improve customer service, responsiveness, product quality and customer satisfaction

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