Forecasting software for manufacturers: informed business decisions on current & future orders

Quickly and easily understand what the impact on annual sales will be (past, present and future) based on current and projected orders with EnterpriseIQ manufacturing forecasting module.

It is vitally important to be able to accurately understand your manufacturing throughput and how these impact resource requirements, revenues and profitability.¬†EnterpriseIQ’s forecasting and planning software¬†enables you to make informed business decisions for optimal performance so you can maintain customer satisfaction while maximising profits.

  • Real-time integration with other EnterpriseIQ modules including sales and inventory enables accurate, collaborative forecasting based on actual data from throughout your business
  • Module supports multiple forecasts, including production forecasts for capacity planning and sales analysis forecasts for budgeting
  • Automatically extract current or future pricing from the inventory master table to enable accurate sales forecasts
  • Understand what materials and resources are needed, where they are needed and when they are needed so you can accurately meet customer inventory and production requirements
  • Time phased planning is updated regularly with each material requirements & resource planning (MRP) run
  • View forecasts by customer, part or plant (including separate physical or logical plants)
  • Include ‘what if’ scenarios and simulation formulae in your analysis
  • Automatically covert forecasted orders into actual orders – eliminating the need to re-enter order information
  • Forecasted items can quickly and easily be scheduled and converted to work orders
  • Seamless integration with the EnterpriseIQ financial management modules supports the construction of budgeted forecasts by cost elements
  • Update your forecasts based on orders received electronically via EDI, ecommerce or web portals
  • Real-time integration with to shipping activity. Access sales and shipping information with the ability to compare projected sales and quantities by month, customer, order and/or part

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