Fully integrated manufacturing Job Shop software

Create, monitor and manage Job Shop projects efficiently

Due to their very nature, manufacturing job shops can be notoriously difficult to manage effectively and efficiently. Scheduling can be a real headache due to high product variability and complex production flows, plus machine utilisation can be low.

Manufacturing job shop software from IQMS enables you to manage your job shop with the same manufacturing ERP software as you run the rest of your operation without the need for third-party applications.

IQMS job shop software enables you to create, monitor and manage all your individual projects efficiently – and quote new projects quickly and accurately. You’ll be able to manage sales orders all the way through the process to final fulfilment and make sure all your operations work together seamlessly.

Job Shop Scheduling & Project Tracking

Feature rich functionality to enable you to manage your job shop operations more efficiently and effectively, including:

  • Ability to create any number of processes, including unlimited assemblies
  • Your Bill of Materials (BOMs) are converted into visual project routings
  • Make the creation and quoting of new projects quick and accurate by dragging historical projects steps and dropping them into new ones
  • Capable to Promise (CTP) functionality is automatically added directly to the project form
  • Quickly and easilty create accurate job estimates based on actual costs and availability of raw materials, operatives and machines
  • Respond to customer requests better through drag and drop scheduling to make sure you meet promise dates – and modify production if required
  • Monitor the progess of jobs, including accounting anf staff activity against whole projects or individual steps
  • Engineering change management integrated into each project

As IQMS job shop software is integrated with the rest of the manufacturing ERP system, you can also generate purchase orders, send invoices, make payments and run financial reports etc. seamlessly.

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