Manufacturing costing software: accurate & timely manufacturing costing information

Enable senior management to make informed business decisions with IQMS’ powerful job and process costing module. Integrated with EnterpriseIQ, the module provides timely and accurate costing intelligence about your production, pricing, process efficiency and more across small and large manufacturing runs.

By tracking all the costs associated with an individual manufacturing process or item, such as raw materials, personnel, equipment and outsourced operations, you can identify and analyse the true costs and profits across you business.

Data is collected from other operational areas in real-time to empower you to monitor and interrogate costs and variances as and when they occur. You can drilldown into transactional details to see any supporting information from other departments such as sales, purchasing, warehouse, orders and more.

  • Monitor and track standard, average and actual product costs
  • Quickly analyse actual versus standard cost variances
  • Analyse variances in your manufacturing costs by date range; production and sales order; and manufacturing and lot number
  • Drilldown into variances by cost element, plus cost and quantity variance
  • Supports the creation and management of purchase price and production variance accounts
  • Drilldown into Profit and Loss all the way down to individual item numbers quickly and easily.

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