Accounting & financial reporting: make better business decisions

Understand the financial position of your organisation and make better business decisions with IQMS’ powerful financial reporting software module.

By providing a streamlined financial reporting process, you can access comprehensive and highly customisable financial and management reports, which means you can transform information and data into meaningful actions and business improvements.

  • Create user-defined and formatted financial reports which meet the requirements of all decision makers in your business
  • Use the in-built drill-down viewer feature to move from financial summary information to more comprehensive account and transaction details
  • Email financial reports to both internal and remote users
  • Export and import reports and financial data to and from Microsoft Excel (and other commercially available spreadsheets)
  • Delve deeper into financial data by including complex calculations such as conditional “If, Then” statements in your reports
  • Drag and drop units in your reporting tree to see the financial effect of restructuring
  • Create virtual roll-up structures that do not exist in your chart of accounts
  • Create and distribute presentation quality reports using customisable fonts, colours and other formatting options
  • Report on both posted and unposted activity
  • Compare items like revenue and expense figures for different departments by creating side-by-side comparison reports.


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