Comprehensive accounting & financial management

Improve the financial visibility of your manufacturing business with IQMS’ accounting and financial management module.

In contrast to other standalone accounting software, IQMS’ manufacturing accounting is seamlessly integrated with all the ERP modules meaning you get a clear picture of financial performance across all parts of the business including manufacturing, operational costs, quoting, sales and forecasting so that you can make informed business decisions.

Tools in the financial management module include:

Accounts Receivable

Manage outstanding invoices easily with IQMS’ advanced debit and credit posting system. Powerful features include customer maintenance, invoicing, cash receipts and account status such as aging, collection letters, reports and more.

Accounts Payable

Understand, manage and maintain your cash flow analysis with IQMS’ powerful accounts payable functionality. Manage supplier invoices and payments; print cheques; maintain detailed invoice and payment history; benefit from comprehensive accounts payable reporting features.

Business Intelligence

Ensure you can identify the most profitable part of the business – and those impacting on your bottom line. The EnterpriseIQ Business Intelligence module provides you with powerful reports, configurable alerts, advanced analytics, graphical dashboards and more.

EDI Exchange

Exchange critical business data easily with customers and suppliers through IQMS’ Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) module – saving you time and money.

Expense Reporting & Tracking

Simplify and speed up the process of approving, tracking and reporting expenses with IQMS’ expense reporting module. Easy to use, the module provides reporting continuity and the correct general ledger account assignment of business-related expenses.

Financial Reporting

Best-in-class financial and management reporting. Powerful, comprehensive and highly customisable.

Fixed Assets

All the information and tools you need at the click of a button to manage your fixed assets and improve return on investment.

General Ledger

Keep track of all financial transactions with IQMS’ highly flexible general ledger structure meets the needs of all manufacturing businesses.

Job & Process Costing

Track all the costs associated with the manufacture of a particular product with EnterpriseIQ job costing functionality. Monitor materials, staff resources, equipment, outsourced operations and other direct costs. Powerful analysis and reporting tools enable you to identify true product and process costs – and profit margins.


Invoicing is made fast and easy as functionality is deeply integrated with key ERP and manufacturing modules, including shipping and order entry.


Track and monitor supplier performance and manage the purchasing effectively to maintain an efficient supply chain.

Human Resources & Payroll

Highly configurable human resources and payroll functionality.


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