Sales Quoting and Estimating: Accurate & Reliable Sales Quotes

Whether new opportunities are requested in person, over the phone, by email or via IQMS’ customer web portal, it is vitally important that sales quotes and estimates can be provided quickly and accurately.

IQMS’ Enterprise IQ estimating and quoting module takes into account all aspects of the operational process including raw material, overhead, labour, outsourced operations, commission calculations and any miscellaneous fees. As Enterprise IQ is designed on a single database, the quote is based on true expected costs, including tooling and equipment amortisation, material price comparisons and many more.

Once approved, a quote can be quickly and easily converted into a Bill of Material (BOM) and sales order at the click of a button.

  • Users can use master inventory items and existing price breaks through a flexible inventory interface. Users can also create items ‘on the fly’ that are not part of the master inventory
  • Unlimited quote routings optimises the process through price and cost comparisons, flexible markup capacity, unlimited price breaks and variable markup capabilities
  • Users can track and manage quotes online and through a series of reports using a RFQ log
  • ‘Quote only’ customers can be created without affecting the master customer file
  • Flexible / multiple commission levels are allowed based on the part and / or the sales person selected
  • If data is being exported regularly, custom, user-defined quote forms in Excel or Word can be created
  • Add and plan single level raw materials or blends that are not a part of the master inventory
  • Calculate more accurate consumption estimates by including excess material, for example scrap, regrind, waste, skeleton, etc.
  • Quotes can be created for family (set) or individual items
  • Modify inventory costs for quoting purposes without impacting the master inventory
  • Link unlimited parts, packaging and inserts into a single quote to cover all costs
  • Apply ‘what if’ scenarios to modify mark up rates to take advantage of various schemes
  • Send quotes by fax, printer, email or the web
  • Create quotes for multiple manufacturing types, for example manufactured, outsourced, assembly, etc

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