Electronic Data Interchange: process transactions & orders more efficiently

For many manufacturers, being able to process business transactions by electronic data interchange (EDI) is now a prerequisite for being able to do business.

IQMS’ EDI software enables manufacturers to exchange critical business data easily, streamlining business transactions, eliminate costly and inefficient manual data entry as well as deliver exceptional customer service that exceeds customer expectations.

With IQMS, there are no cumbersome third party applications to manage. Instead, the EDI software is seamlessly embedded within EnterpriseIQ with two-way hands-off information exchange, which translates incoming data directly into the ERP and then automatically generates outgoing data files for transfer back to your customers and suppliers, including Advanced Shipping Notices (ASNs).

  • IQMS’ EDI software directly generates outbound data transfers in trading partner format
  • Business data integrity protected as business rules generate exception documents
  • True supply chain management functionality through two-way EDI messages support
  • Adheres to a wide range of manufacturing sectors supply chain business practice
  • Supports a wide rage of file formats including ANSI X.12, EDIFACT, Odette, XML, CSV, VDA and flat-file
  • Any VAN or web-based communication supported
  • FTP transmissions and receipt of files supported

EDI Network and Van Services

Value-added service provide by IQMS, removing any risks associated with the EDI value chain. IQMS’ EDI value added network (VAN) provides manufacturers with a secure, reliable service for connectivity, transmission and integration of all electronic business transactions.

EDI Transaction Sets

Easily manage and add new transaction sets as EnterpriseIQ supports an extensive library of transaction set mappings plus an intuitive template mapping tool. If IQMS do not currently have the transaction set, then they can develop it for you.

Trading Partners

Operating across a wide variety of manufcaturing sectors, EnterpriseIQ’s EDI module supports hundreds of trading partners. IQMS is continually developing new transactions providing you with a comprehensive and complete package that fits your business.


Working alongside the EDI module, IQMS’ unique eServer functionality has been designed to save you time and reduce manual interaction. eServer enables continuous, automatic background processing of inbound and outbound EDI transactions. It is set up as a separate server.


IQMS’ EnterpriseIQ EDI module meets the strictest labeling requirements for all major automotive manufacturers, retailers and other industry sectors.

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