Manufacturing Software Deployment Options

Multiple Deployment Options for IQMS: On-Premise, Hosted Cloud or SaaS

With the advent of the Cloud and growth in Software-as-a-solution options, no single method of ERP software deployment will suit every single manufacturing business. That is why IQMS provides a number of flexible manufacturing software deployment options so that you can select just the right solution for your operation.

As IQMS describe it: Choice is the new Cloud.

Cloud ERP Software & Managed Services

IQMS manufacturing software delivered through a perpetual licence provides businesses with a lower long-term cost of ownership, coupled with lower initial implementation investment as hardware hosting costs are spread over time. Software is hosted and managed in a data centre, lowering your in-house IT hardware requirements and eliminating any issues surrounding end-of-life hardware issues.

Cloud Delivered Through a Software-as-a-Solution Model

Offers the lowest cost of initial investment of the three options as both the IQMS manufacturing software licence and hardware costs are spread over time through a monthly subscription. However, longer-term costs are higher with SaaS as the software licence is leased, not owned in perpetuity.


On-premise deployment typically comes with a higher initial cost of ownership due to software licence and hardware purchases. This is usually offset by a lower long-term cost of ownership as the IQMS manufacturing software licence is perpetual.

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