Maintain positive customer & supplier relationships: fully integrated CRM

Successful businesses know that the better the relationship, the easier it is for them to conduct business and generate revenue.

CRM systems give manufacturers the opportunity to replace tools, such as spreadsheets, which fall short functionally in many areas as a business scales. A fully integrated CRM system can drive greater efficiency by replacing manual processes, while at the same time enable multiple departments in a business to interact and collaborate with customers, suppliers and vendors across the entire lifecycle.

IQMS’ EnterpriseIQ CRM module┬áprovides manufacturers with the tools to manage those interactions and relationships. All the way from the initial marketing campaign through to each sales contact and customer support call. The CRM module captures, manages and tracks the details of every customer, partner and vendor interaction across the entire business in a single system.

Support management for customers, suppliers, partners & vendors

Monitor and manage every business support interaction in one, single integrated system. Every note, call, meeting and task can be accessed and viewed easily. What’s more an intuitive email drag and drop feature makes it easy to archive correspondence.

Mobile first: works across all devices

No matter where they are, employees can access real-time customer information and quotes, open tasks, contact details, inventory and workflow information on any mobile device.

Visibility of every interaction

Elimiate duplicate information across multiple systems and promote information sharing across your business with IQMS’ single, central database. A seamless information workflow ensures all customer-facing departments work together to meet customer needs more efficiently.

Link supporting information

Link and drill down into other IQMS EnterpriseIQ modules including BOMs, inventory, orders, shipping management, invoice, purchase orders and many more.

Sales, support, purchase & shipping histories

Access every piece of information from the very start of the marketing and sales process all the way through to production, shipping, returns and repeat business.

Service tracking & knowledge base

A central knowledge base enables you to link through to any previous support issues and resolutions, warranties and service tracking, company procedures or standard procedures to promote consistent and quick review.

Integrated event calendars & alerts

Schedule and track meetings and appointments through to follow up support and account management calls.

Track sales opportunities & marketing campaigns

Monitor the performance of marketing campaigns and subsequent sales opportunities. Manage email broadcasts, quotes, projects and all activities associated with each customer.

Support & call centre functionality

Monitor and manage any customer, supplier or partner issues in detail. Multiple events, associated documentation, links to inventory and quality management plus user-defined category information is easily accessed against each record.

Central database

Review all interactions from one screen – no need to hunt around for vital information in multiple systems / applications.

MS Outlook integration

Enable contact and schedule coordination, follow up activities and planned events and more.

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