Capable to Promise for manufacturers: commit to customer orders with confidence

Respond and commit to customer orders with complete confidence with IQMS’ capable to promise software module by taking into account lead times, manufacturing capacity, plus available and planned inventory.

  • Theory of Constraints algorithms provide the availability of inventory across your entire business
  • Takes into account all planned inventory transactions, including in stock inventory, receipts, production, backlog and forecasts
  • Displays materials, tooling and machine capacity in a single, comprehensive view
  • Intuitive graphical charts and routing diagrams make it easy to see availability and constraints that could cause delivery delays
  • Identifies potential purchasing issues by taking into account supplier lead times
  • Uses machine capabilities and multi-level Bills of Manufacture to determine specific work centres and identify possible constraints
  • User-defined shop floor calendar blocks off production capacity during holidays and plant closures
  • Determines the impact of actual, existing and future human resource requirements in the production schedule
  • Identifies and calculates earliest capable to promise date
  • Identify and calculate the impact of a variety of key and sub-constraints on production
  • Instantly create a sales order directly from the capable to promise screen. The capable to promise date is also automatically added into the promise date
  • Evaluates the impact of planned maintenance schedules

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