Business Intelligence for manufacturers: easy-to-use reporting & analysis tools

Keep an eye on the performance of your entire enterprise with IQMS’ business intelligence tools.

Identify, examine and evaluate both profitable and unprofitable areas of your manufacturing operations through a wide range of reports, alerts, advanced analytics, dashboards, gauges and more.

Drill-down capabilities means you and key management personnel can receive business-critical data, find out exactly what is at the core of any issues and respond more intelligently to sales, production, material and staff resources and supply chain performance.


Quickly and easily customise visual executive dashboards to show end users exactly the information they need.


Provide end users with visual snapshots of manufacturing performance at an enterprise, group or plant level.

Advanced Tree Map Analysis

See key areas of analysis such as the highest and lowest profitable part manufactured with quick, easy-to-read, graphical representations.

Real-time Interactive Reporting

Evaluate business-critical areas of your operations, such a resource utilisation, production hours, forecasting, sales and cash analysis with thousands of pre-defined interactive reports.

Realtime Shop Floor Access

IQMS’ RealTime Process Monitoring and RealTime Production Monitoring monitoring functionality gives everyone in your business feedback on shop floor performance, including production rates, utilisation and efficiency.

Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)

IQMS’ IQAlert Business Activity Monitoring keeps your manufacturing operations efficient by tracking critical performance data and automatically sending notifications and exception alerts.

RSS Feeds

Keep up-to-date with news affecting your industry sector – and what’s happening with your competitiors, partners and suppliers.

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