Advanced Planning & Scheduling: manage all your resources to meet demand & maintain lean inventory levels

Scheduling your manufacturing operations doesn’t have to be a time consuming and complicated process. With IQMS’ advanced scheduling and advanced planning software, you can create optimised production schedules with the minimum of downtime to ensure finished items are produced at just the right time in a matter of minutes for a single production facility or entire enterprise.

By taking into account every aspect of your manufacturing operations,¬†IQMS’ advanced planning and scheduling software¬†identifies and calculates plant capacity and generates a detailed production schedule all the way down from organisational to plant and even specific manufacturing work cell to meet your manufacturing requirements. The software will also take into account capabilities of third party providers, as well as sub-assemblies.

  • Graphical representation of entire global manufacturing production schedule enabling you to identify the most efficient start-time and machine usage. Also, enables you to identify the availability of other manufacturing constraints such as tools and sub-assemblies
  • Heijunka production leveling and Kanban project management functionality facilitates level load scheduling
  • Drag and drop feature means you can quickly and easily add unscheduled work orders to the work centre schedule
  • Schedule an entire work order, including sub-assemblies, secondary operations and any outsourced / purchased parts
  • Drill-down into individual manufacturing jobs for information on work centres, staff resources, raw materials, scrap rates, setup times, yield efficiency, parts per calculations, etc
  • Identify jobs and resources in your production that are running to schedule, those that are late and those could potentially be late
  • Features advanced auto-finite scheduling to ensure you always meet deadlines by scheduling jobs by delivery date and most efficient work centre, etc.
  • Highlight demand versus forecasted work orders
  • Exceptions lists mean you can identify the materials and tools associated with a work order that are unavailable or need to be made earlier to meet your schedules
  • Identify the machines that will manufacture a particular job most efficiently based on actual past production data
  • Automatically uploads manufacturing schedules with work orders based on priorities and best combination of machines
  • Never ne late with an order by defining per customer the number of days prior to a must start date that the software should schedule the production run
  • Automatically make adjustments to the schedule based on unplanned events, for example changing customer requirements, machine downtime or below par performance or unavailable raw materials
  • Protect the current schedule against further repositioning
  • Compare material consumption against existing inventory in the daily projected requirements form
  • Unlimited scheduling functionality enables flexible work centre, shipping priority and operator scheduling
  • Rough cut capacity tools compare daily and weekly work centre required hours against available hours to ensure peak performance
  • Staff resource planning to help determine future demand for human resources compared against normal operating levels
  • Take into account scheduled preventative maintenance


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