Comprehensive suite of integrated applications for maximising performance in supply chain planning

Infor Supply Chain Management (Infor SCM) is a comprehensive, industry leading suite of integrated applications providing tools for maximising performance in supply chain management.

As with all Infor’s solutions, their supply chain management tools feature industry-specific functionality that give organisations the ability to plan and execute their supply chain strategies and tactics faster and more profitably.

With Infor SCM, you can maximise visibility into your supply chain to:

  • Increase asset and human resource utilisation
  • Improve both inventory and shipping accuracy
  • Ensure the right orders are delivered at the right time – every time
  • Respond quicker to consumer demands and opportunities


Supply Chain Management Products

Proximity is an accredited Partner in the UK and Ireland for the following products within the Infor SCM suite.

Advanced Planning

By calculating all trade-offs, Infor Advanced Planning ensures that your supply chain is the best and most efficient for your business. Deliver an optimised manufacturing plan that meets all constraints and makes the most effective use of your assets.

Advanced Scheduling

Infor Advanced Scheduling combines constraint-led logic with powerful optimisation to simultaneously schedule all operations across all your production lines. Advanced Scheduling can include any interdependencies to deliver a completely synchronised schedule which is down to the minute.

Demand Planning

Infor Demand Planning provides powerful functionality so you can more accurately forecast demand in your business. Combining demand forecasting, forecasting algorithms, inventory and replenishment planning modules and a collaboration module, Demand Planning keeps all forecasting synchronised while a sales and operations reporting module monitors accuracy and effectiveness against your plans.

Sales & Operations Planning

Plan for profit by tying together your strategic business plan with your operational plan with Infor S&OP. Real-time information on demand, supply and finances drives supply chain efficiency and business profitability. Speed up decision and measure the impact of your decisions immediately.

Maximise opportunities in market fluctuations

Food & Beverage

Accelerate growth by optimising your supply chain from initial forecasting all the way through to production and final customer delivery.

Used by over 1,200 food & beverage manufacturers in over 90 countries worldwide, Infor SCM enables them to account for volume-based constraints in their production, including tanks, ovens and freezers so you can , to maximize throughput, improving productivity and reducing waste.

Consumer Goods

Infor SCM helps organisations to ensure the right balance between supply and demand in their business, meaning they can optimise inventory, control stock flows and be ready to quickly adapt to change.

Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

Take full control over your supply chain costs and production capacity with Infor SCM. You’ll be able to respond more effectively to tenders and PARs and efficiently plan both co and by-products to least-cost formulation.

Distributors and Logistics Providers

Regardless of the complexity of your supply chain, Infor SCM enables collaboration between suppliers and customers so distributors can reduce inventory and lower costs, while at the same time deliver increased customer service levels and accuracy.

High Tech, Electronics and Automotive

In an increasingly competitive global marketplace, optimise your supply chain with Infor SCM. Respond to global and geographical fluctuations faster and more efficiently.

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