Improve performance and profitability by optimising supply chain plans – at the lowest total cost

Infor Advanced Planning is a best-in-class, highly configurable and scalable supply chain planning solution that allows you to take a holistic view of your supply chain and determine the optimal scenario based on specific business goals. It creates the best supply chain for your business, calculating the trade-offs so you have an optimised plan that satisfies all your constraints and makes the best use of your assets while minimising costs. The solution helps improve performance and profitability by optimising manufacturing and supply chain plans while determining the lowest total supply chain cost.

“Infor Advanced Planning allows us to incorporate more detail into the planning process, increasing from seven million to 38 million the number of variables that we factor in. The accuracy from the additional detail enables us to reduce inventories while maintaining our high customer service levels. We are now extending our model to dynamically source product beyond the plant level into the individual line level within the plant, further improving the productivity of our plant and resources.”

Director of Supply Chain Planning, Molson Coors

Completely configurable, Infor Advanced Planning is extremely flexible and can be configured to your business to solve specific manufacturing and supply chain challenges and constraints. The application operates alongside other Infor ERP solutions, your bespoke ERP systems as well as a host of third-party ERP solutions including SAP, Oracle and MfgPro.

Not only does Infor Advanced Planning optimise all aspects of the supply chain including manufacturing, sourcing, inventory, distribution, labour and warehousing, but also models unique characteristics such as least cost formulation and blend optimisation to determine the most profitable solution.

Infor Advanced Planning solves complex business issues like determining what the most profitable mix of ingredients are to put into a formula, while at the same time considering FDA minimum and maximum constraints, or determining the optimal way to disassemble a chicken when you only have demand for breasts or wings. The software gives you the competitive advantage to achieve profitability and increase overall market share.

  • Planning engine considers all resources and capacity constraints simultaneously in the creation of achievable, optimised supply chain plans
  • Powerful scenario and ‘what-if’ analysis before committing to a final decision
  • Flexible object modeler accurately simulates any cost or constraint
  • Resulting plans secure lowest total supply chain cost
  • Adheres to all “hard” constraints and trades off violation of ‘soft’ constraints
  • Plans variable horizons: operational planning (daily / weekly), tactical planning (weekly / monthly), yearly strategic planning
  • Operates alongside Infor ERP systems, bespoke ERP applications and third-party ERP solutions including SAP, Oracle and MfgPro.

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