Core Manufacturing ERP System for Small & Medium-sized Businesses

Order processing – MRP – Production Scheduling – Quality Management – Real-time Production Monitoring

UK manufacturing is thriving.

According to figures published by EEF, the manufacturing sector employs 2.6 million people in the UK and contributes 10% of UK output, which ranks it as the 8th largest manufacturer by output in the world. Manufacturing represents 44% of UK exports.

However, UK manufacturing businesses are facing many new challenges and opportunities in equal measure due to changing domestic and international markets, innovation, digital transformation, Industry 4.0 and access to skilled operatives to name but a few.

And according to the CBI’s latest report, ‘Be more magpie’, there is no better time to invest in technology to help manufacturers to drive greater efficiency and productivity – and that includes investment in ERP software.

For small to medium-sized manufacturers who may have relied on basic, Excel spreadsheets or simple accounting software that is not manufacturing specific to manage their production and growth, the ability to exploit these opportunities and mitigate risks can be a difficult one.

With IQMS’ core manufacturing ERP system, small businesses are able to access the same powerful manufacturing platform as IQMS’ market-leading ERP software, EnterpriseIQ but at a more affordable price. IQMS’ ERP system for small business can be up and running in as little as 90 days, meaning manufacturers can gain greater visibility and control over their operations faster.

IQMS’s core small business ERP includes five to 10 users and provides the features you’ll need to effectively and efficiently manage order processing, production, scheduling, quality management, shipping and accounting. With IQMS, you also get the added bonus of real-time production monitoring so you’ll know exactly how much you are making and how well you are making it:

Order processing

  • Receive sales orders
  • Check for unallocated finished goods
  • Check for unallocated components
  • Check for unallocated raw materials
  • Generate work orders.

Production scheduling

  • Monitor and manage optimal work centre performance
  • Check work centre availability
  • Check incoming material date against planned shipping date
  • Schedule your production efficiently and effectively.

Production monitoring in real-time

  • Scan raw materials as they are consumed
  • Monitor machines to see if they are performing faster or slower against your production schedule
  • Monitor production progress in real-time as IQMS records manufacturing data
  • Scan finished goods into inventory.

Shipping and dispatch

  • Generate picking and packing lists
  • Warehouse operatives pick and pack finished products
  • Scan barcoded pallets into and out of the loading dock
  • Generate invoices.

As the core manufacturing package is built on the same platform as EnterpriseIQ, you can take advantage of IQMS’ scalable, modular architecture. As you grow, you can add any of the other 20 ERP software and MES system modules as and when required, such as advanced quality management, EDI, CRM, warehouse management, and additional plants and users.

“We would never have reached 111% growth in three years without partnering with IQMS and relying on their ERP system to streamline production.”


Why IQMS ERP software for small business?

DPS Skis, like many new manufacturing businesses, started their operations using a relatively simple, but non-manufacturing specific accounting software package, QuickBooks. however, as their business grew, they soon began to experience issues in managing their manufacturing operation effectively. By moving to IQMS has been able to gain control over their accounting and inventory:

“We’re ready to take our next phase of growth with IQMS, which frees us up from the constraints of QuickBooks and provides enterprise-level, real-time inventory, order entry and fulfilment.”

For AMA Plastics, it was a similar story. An injection moulding manufacturer, they came to realise that sustainable business growth was almost impossible due to a reliance on spreadsheets, whiteboards and incompatible accounting and manufacturing systems. Watch the video below to learn how IQMS has helped them solve their ‘growing pains’.

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